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Coutryard of the Egyptian Theater during the Artivist Film Festival

The 7th Annual Artivist Film Festival just wrapped its December 1 – 4 run at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

The festival concluded with The 2010 Artivist Awards on Saturday, December 4. In addition to the winning films listed below, actor Peter Fonda accepted the Artivist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Arts and Advocacy, Barbara Pyle received the award for Environmental Humanitarianism, and Avis Richards received the award for Community Advocate.

ARTIVIST is the first film festival dedicated to raising awareness for international Human Rights, Children’s Advocacy, Environmental Preservation, and the Humane Treatment of Animals.

Since its inception in 2003, the Artivist Film Festival has screened more than 400 films representing 65 countries around the world.

The Artivist Film Festival takes the show on the road this week with a run at the Tribeca Film Center in New York City from December 9 – 12.

This year, the Artivist Film Festival awarded the following films and filmmakers:

Best Feature: International Human Rights – Complexo – Universo Paralelo – Mário Patrocinio        
Best Short: International Human Rights – Mine: Story of a Sacred Mountain – Survival Int.

Best Feature: Children’s Advocacy – Kids of the Majestic – Dylan Verrechia        
Best Short: Children’s Advocacy – Sarah – Brandon Hess

Best Feature: Environmental Preservation – Deep Green – Matt Briggs            
Best Short: Environmental Preservation – The Krill is Gone – Jeffrey Bost

Best Feature: Animal Advocacy – Africa’s Lost Eden – James Byrne        
Best Short: Animal Advocacy – Albatrocity – J. Ollie Lucks, Iain Frengley, Edward Saltau

Best Feature: Artivist Spirit – ReGeneration – Philip Montgomery        
Best Short: Artivist Spirit – Arena [Sand] – Jota Aronack

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