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Curling by Quebecois filmmaker Denis Cote

Toronto International Film Festival has compiled its list of the top 10 Canadian feature films and short films in 2010. “It’s a pretty diverse list, everything from micro-budget movies to international co-productions,” Steve Gravestock, TIFF’s associate director of Canadian programming said.

In alphabetical order:

Les Amours imaginaires: Xavier Dolan’s second film, following his acclaimed debut, J’ai tué ma mère, features a ménage a trois involving two friends, a young man and a young woman, competing for the affections of another young man.

Barney’s Version: a rare bird indeed, a big-budget international co-production of a novel by a revered Canadian writer (Mordechai Richler) featuring a cast with international star appeal, including Paul Giamatti and Dustin Hoffman.

Curling: Quebecois filmmaker Denis Cote’s latest, which earned him a Best Director award at the Locarno Film Festival earlier this year, is the story of the relationship between a single father and daughter and the people in their village. A “gentle comedy” and a slight departure from Cote’s past works, Gravestock noted.

The High Cost of Living: Deborah Chow’s first feature-length film offers some star appeal in lead Zach Braff as a man with a dark secret who comforts a pregnant woman who loses her child in an accident.

Incendies: Denis Villeneuve’s searing drama about twins who journey back to their mother’s Middle East homeland to fulfill her last wishes.

Last Train Home: a documentary from Lixin Fan about the heartbreaking struggles of Chinese factory workers as they attempt to return to their home villages for an annual holiday visit.

MODRA: filmmaker Ingrid Veninger in her first solo effort as director creates a subtle, affecting drama about teenage love.

Splice: director Vincenzo Natali delivers a cautionary tale about the folly of playing God by combining the DNA of different species, starring Sarah Polley, Adrian Brody and a break-out performance by Delphine Chanéac.

Trigger: veteran filmmaker Bruce McDonald’s very busy year includes a Toronto-centric comedy/drama after two former female rockers on one memorable night, featuring the final performance of Tracy Wright, who died earlier this year.

Trois temps après la mort d’Anna: Quebecoise filmmaker Catherine Martin, whose work has previously graced the top 10 list, follows a woman’s retreat into solitude following the tragic death of her daughter.


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