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Massachusetts-based independent film production and marketing firm Pyrate Motion Picture Company, LLC (aka Pyrate Films) has announced plans to develop an epic feature film about the British West Indies island of Anguilla and its sensational, but little known 1967 to 1969 battle for economic, social, and political justice.

Pyrate Films was launched in 2010 following a series of meetings in Anguilla with government ministers, including the Hon. Chief Minister Hubert Hughes, and several living patriots, including Anguilla’s rebel leader and founding father, the Hon. James Ronald Webster, now 85.

The movie project announced under the working title ANGUILLA RISING is currently in pre-production, with production anticipated for 2012.

Told through the eyes of an American veterinarian who ferried weapons to the island in a small plane, Anguilla Rising is a Cinderella story about oppressed islanders searching for identity — and wanting to belong — in the face of many years of isolation, abuse, and neglect suffered while yoked by Great Britain to another British island located some 70 miles away. It’s a David and Goliath story, too, about a tiny British dependency standing up to mighty Great Britain.

“An incredible feel-good story about the human experience has been written, locations in Anguilla and Puerto Rico have been scouted, film crews and talent have been identified, and some very substantial tax credits for investors in a film entity dedicated to producing a film project have been identified,” writer/producer Gary Rodriques told sources. “Right now, we’re focused on assembling the final pieces of financing needed to move this important project into production.”

To learn more about the movie project, visit:

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