The Dreams of Jinsha

The 2011 New York International Children’s Film Festival, which runs March 4-27, 2011 in New York City announced its complete lineup. The festival will open with “Mars Needs Moms” a Special Preview Screening of Disney’s new 3D space adventure comedy.

Films on lineup include:

“Aurelie Laflamme’s Diary” – US Premiere, Canada. A quirky coming-of-age comedy about ‘tween Aurelie, whose endearing clumsiness positions her as a pitch-perfect, French-Canadian version of a Judy Blume character. (Ages 8 to adult) Part of Girls’ POV

“Boy” – NY Premiere, New Zealand. A delightfully playful, delicately poignant film that gracefully scalescomedy and drama set in the luscious slums of rural New Zealand. (Ages 12 to adult)

“A Cat in Paris” – US Premiere, France. Berlinale 2011 official selection. A beautifully hand-drawn animated caper set in the shadow-drenched alleyways of Paris about a pet cat that leads a double life. (Ages 6 to adult)

“Chandani: The Daughter of the Elephant Whisperer” – NY Premiere, Germany/Sri Lanka. A young girldreams of following in the footsteps of her father and becoming the first female mahout – a guardianof wild elephants. (Ages 8 to adult) Part of Girls’ POV

“The Dreams of Jinsha” – East Coast Premiere, China. China’s most expensive and ambitious animated feature is a time-travel, fantasy adventure – as a young boy from Beijing hurtles back in time 3,000 years and finds himself at the center of an ancient prophecy. (Ages 8 to adult).

“Echoes of the Rainbow” – Hong Kong. A graceful and emotionally powerful family drama, based on the filmmaker’s real-life childhood in 1969 Hong Kong. (Ages 10 to adult)

“Mars Needs Moms” – Special Preview Screening of Disney’s new 3D spaceadventure comedy from motion capture pioneers ImageMovers Digital (Polar Express) and producer Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump). (Rated PG, Ages 6 to adult)

“Mia & the Migoo” – World Premiere (English Language Version), France. Winner Best Animated Feature at European Film Awards, this breathtakingly beautiful animated adventure pits wild-hairedyoung Mia against greedy developers, with the future of life on Earth in the balance. (All ages)

“Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage” – US Premiere, Belgium. A lush and colorful animatedeco-adventure that utilizes the immersive 3D experience to the fullest, taking viewers on a 50-year odyssey around the world from the perspective of a sea turtle. (All ages)

“The Storytelling Show” – US Premiere, France/Luxemburg. A raucous new animated comedy from the producers of “Kirikou & the Sorceress,” “The Triplets of Belleville,” and “The Secret of Kells.” Laurent’s children enter him into a TV reality contest to see who is the best storytelling dad. (Ages 7 to adult)

“Time of Eve” – US Premiere, Japan. Exquisitely animated, sci-fi set in a future world where lifelike androids have become commonplace probes questions of artificial intelligence and flirts with the moral and personal implications of human-robot romance. (Ages 11 to adult)

“Welcome to the Spaceshow” – US Premiere, Japan. This colorfully explosive feature debut sets anew high for sheer inventiveness of character design with one of the most gleefully surreal depictions of alien life forms ever portrayed in cinema. (Ages 7 to adult)

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