Being overwhelmed at Tribeca is not unusual; there is a huge amount of cinema to choose from. Vimooz is here to help! Here are some films that we find to be highlights of the fest, either hidden gems we’ve mentioned, films generating a buzz, or films that are simply not to be missed. These are some documentary feature highlights, put into general categories to give an idea of what kinds of films they are. Of course, many of these films crossover into different categories, and could be included in any or all of them, as complex as they are. But when delving through the many choices Tribeca offers, it helps to have an idea of what subject a film fits into.


The docs that focus on a unique individual subject (or perhaps family) and explore his or her lifestyle include: The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jane, The Good Life, A Matter of Taste, Off the Rez, and Despicable Dick and Righteous Richard.


There are also a large amount of docs at Tribeca that explore musicians or performers, and the important role of art in society. They include: Beats, Rhymes, and Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, Carol Channing: Larger Than Life, Sing Your Song, The Swell Season, When the Drum is Beating, and Shakespeare High.

Then we have social commentary docs that give us powerful stories exploring current events and social issues in the US and around the world. These include: The Bully Project, The Carrier, Gone, Love During Wartime, Love Hate Love, Our School, and Give Up Tomorrow.

There are also important historical docs that give fascinating accounts of events and/or individuals and their role in history, including: Love Always, Carolyn, Cinema Komunisto, The Loving Story, and The Miners’ Hymns.

Tribeca also features some interesting documentaries focused on sports, which include:  Klitshcko, Like Water, and Renee.

Happy viewing!!

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