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Joe & Jack: Garden Party

This year’s TIFF Kids International Film Festival short film program is said to be brimming with exhilarating stories and lively animations from the world over. The six shorts programmes include several films with programme run times between 50 and 90 minutes.

Spring into spring with Little Nutbrown Hare, Pickels the pig, MuMuHug, the purple and green monsters and a menagerie of other furry friends in this fun-filled hour of imagination and discovery for TIFF Kids’ youngest audience. Age recommendation: 3 to 6.

Guess How Much I Love You: Scents of Spring, Australia Toronto Premiere It’s springtime and the Little Nutbrown Hare wakes to find the air filled with the most delightful smells.

A Friend Like Me, director: Maggie Rogers, United Kingdom World Premiere Big, strong Lester the lion couldn’t be friends with a tiny, squeaky little mouse… could he?

Dipdap – Scary Thing, director: Steve Roberts, United Kingdom
Canadian Premiere Boo! Dipdap discovers that scary is sometimes just a matter of perspective.

Fitting In, director: Taylor Annisette, Canada On her first day of school, an octagon learns not to get bent out of shape about being different.

Joe & Jack: Garden Party, director: Stuart Shankly, Ireland
Toronto Premiere
When Joe and Jack learn of all the great snacks that can grow in a garden, they get to work planting chocolate cake seeds!

A to B, director: Malcolm Sutherland, Canada There’s more than one way to get from A… to B!

A Monster Mess, director: Susie Jones, United Kingdom
North American Premiere A dinner invitation from the green monster to the purple monster turns out to be a recipe for culinary catastrophe!

Pickels in a Pickle, director: Steffen Schaeffler, Germany
Canadian Premiere The heat is on and everyone’s looking forward to a dip in the pond—but Pickels might have gotten into a bit of a pickle with their plans for the swimming hole.

MuMuHug: Bubble Bubble Do-Re-Mi, director: Stella Huang, Taiwan
North American Premiere Things get a bit silly on the beach when the adorable MuMuHug and his friends discover bubbles.

Sea Friends, director: Todd St. John, USA Dive into this musical aquatic adventure and learn about our friends who live under the sea.

Doggy Day School: A Heroic Rescue, director: Marcelo De Moura, Brazil/Canada
Canadian Premiere The gang of pooches at doggy day school learn the importance of good, neighbourly behaviour.

Whether boogieing to a beat or embarking on an adventure, the characters in this shorts programme are in for one exciting ride! Age recommendation: 3 to 6.

The Beet Party: UnderWaterMelon, directors: Paul Brown, Paul Hunt, Canada World Premiere The gang at the Australian Beet Party tests their skills at boomerang with hilarious results and end the night with a disco celebration.

Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks, director: Shaun Seong-young Kim, USA
Toronto Premiere As baby chicks break out of their shell one by one, they join the ever-growing chorus line.

The Squeakiest Roar, director: Maggie Rogers, United Kingdom
World Premiere The littlest lion in this family just can’t seem to find his big, bad roar—but his little squeak sound might just turn out to be his greatest asset.

Mobile, director: Verena Fels, Germany
When a cow decides to join the rest of the animals on the other side of the mobile, the balance is thrown off and everyone falls into a tailspin.

Stella and Sam: Trip to the Moon, directors: Dave Merritt, Ray Jafelice, Canada
Join popular storybook siblings Stella and Sam as they embark on a camping trip and blast off to meet the man on the moon.

Papa’s Boy, director: Leevi Lemmetty, Finland/Poland/Ireland
Canadian Premiere To his father’s dismay, this little mouse just can’t stop himself from dancing.

New Adventures for Friends: Small, but Mighty, directors: Theresa Strozyk, Tony Loeser, Germany
Canadian Premiere When the hens leave their eggs in the care of Franz the rooster and Johnny the mouse, Johnny must prove to Franz that just because he is small, it doesn’t mean he can’t help care for the eggs.

Percussions, director: Lucie Julliat, France
Toronto Premiere The kitchen is this chef’s orchestra as he prepares for the nightly dinner rush.

The Adventures of Pim & Pom: The Dance Party (De avonturen van Pim & Pom), director: Gioia Smid, The Netherlands North American Premiere Pim wants to have a dance party, but Pom isn’t confident in his own dance moves so Pim takes the lead to show him that everyone can boogie!

The Tadpole, director: Guillaume Delaunay, France
In this charming story, a sleepy, little tadpole is determined to find serenity come rain or shine.

Jungle Beat: This Little Light of Mine, director: Brent Dawes, South Africa
With a bright light following him wherever he goes, this poor firefly just can’t catch any z’s.

The Sandpixies: Da Capo George (Die Sandmanzen: Da Capo Schorsch), director: Ralf Kukula, Germany
Festival favourites The Sandpixies are back to stir up mischief as each decides to learn to play an instrument!

The Beet Party: A Fridge Down Under, directors: Paul Brown, Paul Hunt, Canada World Premiere Who knows what the beat-boxing beets will get up to when the fridge door closes. 

Soccer! Football! Fütbol! Calcio! Whatever name you prefer for the world’s most popular sport, you’ll agree that this teaming of shorts from around the globe scores a series of brilliant goals! Age recommendation: 7 to 10.

41 Days (41 Youm), director: Ahmed Abdelaziz, Egypt North American Premiere It’s the 1994 World Cup and young soccer fan, Youssef is forbidden to watch TV—even the Cup games—in keeping with mourning traditions after the passing of his aunt. In his time of soccer need, Youssef seeks help from an unlikely ally.

Play Lunch, director: Cassandra Nguyen, Australia Toronto Premiere Molly would rather play football than make good on a promise to her mother to eat her lunch. She soon realizes that by sharing, she can make her mum happy, make new friends and have time to play!

The Number Ten (Il dieci), director: Daniel Mejía, Italy
North American Premiere Antonio wears his soccer jersey with pride, but unfortunately he’s never picked to play at soccer camp. One day, when his teammates realize how much they need him, Antonio may not want to play after all.

Cristiano’s Shirt (Le maillot de Cristiano), director: Vincent Bruno, Belgium
Tom and P’tit Lu dream of owning the same jersey as their idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. Entrepreneurial and resourceful, the boys devise a plan to raise some money. But with only a limited number of jerseys available to purchase, their scheming might have come too late.

TMB Panyee FC, directors: The Glue Society, Thailand
In 1986, the youth of Koh Panyee, a village on a small floating island in Thailand, inspired a generation by following their dream to play football by building their own field on the water with limited resources. Based on a true story, this heartwarming short film was commissioned by the Thai Military Bank.

The Little Team (L’équip petit), directors: Roger Gómez, Daniel Resines, Spain Canadian Premiere In this sweet and charming documentary, the children’s football team Margatania FC reminds us that it’s more important to have fun than to win.

From the backyard ice rink to the playground jungle, with trips to places far, wide and in between, Canadian filmmakers have plenty of great stories to tell. Age recommendation: 7 to 11.

Leash, director: Kevin Doherty, Canada
After almost three months, Alan and his dad get the phone call they’ve been hoping for: someone has found their lost dog! But when it turns out not to be theirs, they decide to take the friendly canine in and set out in search of its owner.

Hothouse 7: The Big Swing, director: Paula Gillgannon, Canada Be careful on the big swing!

The Rink, director: Thelon Oeming, Canada
Canadian Premiere In order to gain the attention of his father and brothers, Charlie straps on his ice skates and gets a helping hand from an unexpected source.

Ormie, director: Rob Silvestri, Canada
In this hilarious, award-winning animation, Ormie the Pig tries everything he can think of—and then some!—to get at the cookies that sit just out of reach on top of the fridge.

Little Mao, director: Allan Tong, Canada World Premiere After he accidentally takes a baseball to the head, a young boy takes on a curious new persona.

Vistas: Dancers of the Grass, director: Melanie Jackson, Canada
Traditional hoop dance is explored using stop-motion animation in this fascinating look at a native Canadian ritual.

Tommy, director: Theodore Bezaire, Canada
World Premiere
Ollie has to say goodbye to his pet turtle, Tommy, but he’s in for a big surprise first!

Luna, director : Donna Brockopp, Canada
Toronto Premiere
One fateful night, a larva falls in love at first sight with a beautiful moth—but can a flamenco dance woo her?

Joanna Makes A Friend, director: Jeremy Lutter, Canada Toronto Premiere When Joanna’s father tells her to ?make a friend,? she takes it a little too literally!

Sheared, director: Nikolas Ilic, Canada
A wily sheep looks to dodge the shearing scissors in this homage to Saturday morning cartoons.

For All the Marbles, director: Kris Booth, Canada
When his prized cat’s eye marble is nabbed by a bully, Jeff embarks on a quest through the playground jungle to get it back.

From the jungles of Africa to the woodlands of England and the castles of Germany, this collection of hilarious, animated adventures traverses the globe. Age recommendation: 7 to 11.

Floyd the Android: Teleporter and Dim Bulb, director: Jonathan Lyons, USA Floyd the Android finds everyday life isn’t always quite so simple in these slapstick shorts.

The Sparrow Who Kept his Word (Vorobej kotoryi umel dergat’ slovo), director: Dmitry Geller, Russia Canadian Premiere An honest, little sparrow braves the cold, wind and rain in order to hold true to his noble and kindhearted promise.

The Princess’ Painting (Das Bild der Prinzessin), directors: Klaus Morschheuser, Johannes Weiland, Germany Toronto Premiere A rather entitled young princess learns a valuable lesson in the appreciation of art—and life.

Jungle Beat: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, director: Brent Dawes, South Africa
A colourful chameleon meets a rainbow on a dazzlingly bright summer day in the jungle.

The Beet Party Pilot: Double Your Celery, directors: Paul Brown, Paul Hunt, Canada
World Premiere The beets are just chillin’ in the fridge, keepin’ things fresh with some beat-tastic break dancing.

Paint Showers, director: Miguel Jiron, USA
Toronto Premiere The pitter-patter of little paint drops swells into a torrential rainstorm of colour and imagination that’s sure to wash you away.

Mouse for Sale, director: Wouter Bongaerts, Belgium Toronto Premiere A little mouse in a pet store who is desperate for a new home perks up and performs when a young boy enters the picture. But will anyone take notice?

Shaun the Sheep: Pig Trouble, director: Lee Wilton, United Kingdom
When Bitzer the dog needs a timeout for bed rest, the pesky pigs get up to no good. Only loyal Shaun the sheep can somehow outsmart them and restore order.

Hooked, director: Friedl Joost, South Africa Canadian Premiere A little fish finds out there might be something strange going on above the surface in this sweet and clever short that’s guaranteed to reel in some laughs.

At the Opera, director: Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina
Toronto Premiere
It’s hard to not come to tears in this highly dramatic operatic (and aromatic) short.

The Gruffalo’s Child, directors: Uwe Heidschötter, Johannes Weiland, United Kingdom
Canadian Premiere The long-awaited sequel to author Julia Donaldson’s Academy Award®–nominated The Gruffalo sees the youngest member of the Gruffalo clan boldly venturing into the woods one snowy night in search of the legendary big, bad mouse.

Featuring several of the year’s best 3D animated shorts across a variety of animation styles, this shorts programme will whisk you away on otherworldly flights of filmic fancy. Age recommendation: 9 to 13.

The Bicycle Animation, director: Katy Beveridge, United Kingdom
Paper craft and cycling unite to produce this delightful real-time animation that’s sure to leave you geared up to try something crafty at home!

The Magic Piano, 3D (Zaczarowany Fortepian), director: Martin Clapp, Poland/China/Norway Canadian Premiere In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birth, this stop-motion animation unfolds to the sounds of world-renowned classical pianist Lang Lang’s sublime interpretations of Chopin’s Études.

The Big Brother (Der Grosse Bruder), directors: Jesús Pérez, Elisabeth Hütterman, Switzerland/Germany
Toronto Premiere When an animator is called away from his drawing pad, his half-finished sketches come to life and decide to write their own story.

Origin of Mass, director: Aleksandar Rodic, USA Canadian Premiere This abstract animation about the origin of mass is a particle-ularly stimulating kaleidoscope of colour, form and energy.

Burning Stage, director: Sunoki Yang, South Korea
In this mesmerizing re-enactment of Swan Lake, magnificent water droplets dance across the screen until they begin to clash with the elements.

Orange O Despair (Orange Ô Desespoir), director: John Banana, France Canadian Premiere A hopeful, young orange can’t help but dream that life is sweeter outside of the fruit stand.

Where There Here, director: Soyeon Kim, South Korea
Canadian Premiere Inspired by African sound and design, black sand moves effortlessly, continually morphing into new images until nothing is left.

The Boy in the Bubble, 3D, director: Kealan O’Rourke, Ireland Canadian Premiere Doesn’t life seem like it would be easier if we could just while away the days in an impenetrable, problem-proof bubble?

Runout (Durchgebrannt), directors: Thomas Schienagel, Michael Haas, Germany Canadian Premiere Facing the dim prospects of obsolescence, a plucky light bulb gets a bright idea and heads off on an adventure with his uplifting friend, the moth.

Tuurngait, 3D, directors: Paul-Emile Boucher, Remy Dupont, Benjamin Flouw, Mickaël Riciotti, Alexandre Toufaili, France Toronto Premiere This absolutely stunning film about a boy, his stone bear and the mysterious ice formations near his home will leave audiences breathless, exhilarated and inspired.

The TIFF Kids International Film Festival takes place at TIFF Bell Lightbox from April 10 through April 22. The TIFF Kids school programme runs April 10–13 and April 16–20, and public programme from April 13–15 and April 21–22.

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