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THE TAKING, directed by The BAPartists

Fantastic Planet Film Festival announced it’s inaugural LAUNCH PAD program of world premiere films. 

“Launch Pad was developed to provide a solid starting point for genre feature films just commencing their festival run,” explains festival director Dr. Dean Bertram. “Festivals often tend to focus their publicity on films that already have buzz from previous screenings, those which originate from within the studio system, or from a name director. We wanted to provide a specific component of the festival dedicated to discovering, showcasing, and promoting exceptional independent feature films and talented filmmakers beginning their journey.”

The three fantastic films accepted into the inaugural LAUNCH PAD program are: 

A DARK MATTER, directed by James Naylor (Twisting cerebral sci-fi thriller.) 
THE TAKING, directed by The BAPartists (Deep and disturbing art-house horror.)
WET AND RECKLESS, directed by Jason Trost (Hilarious buddy-caper come reality TV parody.)

All of these filmmakers, as well as some cast members from the films, will be attending the festival and partaking in Q&A sessions after their screenings. Launch Pad is a component of the 4th edition of Fantastic Planet Film Festival. Taking place in conjunction with the 7th annual A Night of Horror Film Festival, at Dendy Cinemas Newtown, April 11 to 21. Combined, the festivals will screen over 100 films. Together they are dedicated to presenting Sydney audiences with a stunning showcase of the latest in horror, sci-fi, fantasy and cult cinema.

A brief synopsis and the screening details of this year’s three (3) Launch Pad films follow:

A DARK MATTER (Screens Friday April 19, 9:00pm at Dendy Newtown)
Director: James Naylor
CAN / 2013 / 100 min
World Premiere

In this compelling and mind-bending sci-fi thriller, an artist struggles to find love in an underworld where murder, and what might be an alternate time-stream, distort his perception of reality. Angus and Laura love each other deeply…but Laura is holding a deep dark secret. When she leaves him inexplicably, Angus slips into a foreboding realm, where the Demon of Nothingness reigns supreme. After Laura’s exit, Angus questions his role in her disappearance and sets out to uncover the truth. Working his way through a cunning gallery of underworld figures, Angus slowly unlocks Laura’s secret while discovering sinister truths about himself. With nothing but his own Demon to guide him, Angus ventures across dimensions and alternate states of reality to find Laura and win her back. A powerful exploration of love and existence tinged with the type of masterful high strangeness one finds in a P. K. Dick novel or a David Lynch film. Lovers of cerebral sci-fi should not miss this mesmerising movie.

THE TAKING (screens Saturday April 13, 9:00pm, at Dendy Newtown)
Directors: The BAPartists (Cezil Reed and Lydelle Jackson)
USA/2013/77 min
World Premiere

If David Lynch had written and directed THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE it well could have resembled this feverish and stylised nightmare. A man seeking vengeance against his best friend and unfaithful fiancee, and a woman determined to kill the man who murdered her daughter, are drawn into the depths of a mysterious forest. There, sadistic locals have far more horrifying plans for the vengeful interlopers than just torturing the flesh of their bodies. A dark, disturbing, independent masterpiece, that proves that there are still original stories to be told in the horror genre, and masterful ways to tell them.

WET AND RECKLESS (Screens Monday April 15, 7:00pm, at Dendy Newtown)
Director: Jason Trost
USA/2013/87 min
World Premiere

Imagine Wes Anderson’s BOTTLE ROCKET fused with the reality TV show SURVIVOR, and you might get the slightest inkling of this hilarious buddy-comedy-crime-caper that spins entirely off the rails. Two party-animal, reality TV stars (Jason Trost – THE FP, and Lucas Till – X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) are dumped in Thailand by the producer of their over-the-top reality show. The only way home, and last chance of reclaiming their reality star-status? A treasure map… to a treasure map… Hilarity and adventure ensue in this indie comedic gem.

via: Fantastic Planet Film Festival

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