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The Revelation Perth International Film Festival launches Revel-8 2013, inviting submissions from filmmakers from across the country


Calling all Super-8 filmmakers – whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or a Super-8 newbie, Revel-8 Film Fest is throwing out the challenge far and wide to take part in a celebration of image meets music. 

Keanu Reeves’ recent docu Side by Side got a whole debate going between lovers of film and digital – get in on the conversation by putting your creative talents to work on celluloid’s smallest, but most accessible film medium.

Now everyone’s a little afraid of something – be it spiders, the colour blue, stepping on cracks in the footpath, or something more unique. Tell the story of confronting a phobia ‘in-camera’ on a single 3.5 minute cartridge of Super-8 film, and the talented music composition students at the WA Academy of Performing Arts will put down a music soundtrack to help your images really pop for the audience.

Revel-8 makes the Super 8 journey easy by providing a film cartridge as part of the registration fee and processing it for you. The fun but challenging part of Revel-8, is that films must be shot in sequence on the one Super 8 cartridge.

Sit side by side with the audience as Revel-8 films premiere to their makers for the first time at Revelation Perth International Film Festival July 4-14, 2013. Awards to be presented include Best Film, Best Music Soundtrack, Best Cinematography, Audience Choice Award and more!

“Revel-8 has been an incredibly popular part of Rev for years and its unique blend of analogue technology and blind-dating is always enjoyable to watch unfold” says Revelation founder Richard Sowada. “Everyone takes it very seriously and from it comes some really very surprising and thoughtful work”.

Entry forms can be downloaded from or contact for more information and a Super 8 Help Guide.

Registrations close 17 May and films must be completed by 31 May.

Revelation is proudly supported by the West Australian government.

source: Revelation Perth International Film Festival


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