by Angela Ramsay

In Free Fall (Freier Fall) the director, Stephan Lacant, takes us on a journey with this electrifying German film about police officer, Marc (Hanno Koffler), whose life appears to spin out of control after falling for his fellow co-worker.

At first, we are introduced to Marc who is self-assured and a typical male, and a police officer.  Marc lives with his pregnant girlfriend Bettina (Katharina Schuttler), and they appear to have a genuine loving relationship. The story takes a turn and becomes really sizzling when Marc attends a training course and meets a new colleague named Kay (Max Riemelt).  Why is it sizzling?  Because Kay is another guy (male).

At the beginning of the film, Marc is self-assured, cocky, arrogant and macho.  As the picture progresses, he loses himself along the way,he free-falls into the abyss.  He loses his footing and is unsure of himself, uncertain of his future.  He is conflicted as to whether he should remain with Bettina or pursue an uncertain future with Kay, the person he has grown to love.

Throughout the film, Marc remains in a dichotomous state- it festers within him.  Marc is torn between two worlds.  Should he fail to choose what is acceptable, it would mean an end to his well-ordered world, total ostracism.

The director is effective in his exploration of the nuances of relationships in the film.  His style of storytelling is engaging and realistic. The film is expertly paced and the performance given by the main character is commendable.

Marc is swept up into a tornado of gargantuan and magnetic proportions. It whips and tosses him, until his feet detaches from the ground. He is transported into a ‘new world’.  When he finally comes to rest, he is at peace in this ‘world’.  However, this peace fails to last. He is ripped from this new world and is forced to choose.

Free Fall is a compelling tale of love and betrayal.  A tale which leaves Marc reeling and faced with an enigma; a puzzle.

The film was quite entertaining. The supporting cast gave stellar performances. I give it a rating of 3 / 5 : See it …..  It’s Good.

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