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Director, producer Steven Spielberg will preside this year over ‘jury of his peers’ at the 66th Festival de Cannes aka Cannes Film Festival. Vidya Balan (Indian actress), Naomi Kawase (Japanese director), Nicole Kidman (Australian actress/producer), Lynne Ramsay (British scriptwriter/director/producer), Daniel Auteuil (French actor/director), Ang Lee (Taiwanese director/producer/scriptwriter), Cristian Mungiu (Romanian scriptwriter/director/producer), and Christoph Waltz (Austrian Actor) will help decide the winning films in competition at the festival. The winning films and awards including the biggest award – the Palme d’Or, will be announced during the Closing Ceremony on May 26th, 2013.

Images: clockwise from top left – Steven Spielberg; Vidya Balan; Christoph Waltz; Lynne Ramsay; Cristian Mungiu; Naomi Kawase; Ang Lee; Nicole Kidman; Daniel Auteuil | image via Cannes Film Festival

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