by DeVon Hyman

“There is something kind of deeply uncomfortable with the idea of putting your life out there”
 -Sarah Polley, AMNY, May 2013

True to the fact. A certain level of inner peace would have to be the prerequisite to an initiative being undertaken in the manner in which acclaimed Filmmaker Sarah Polley has done with her much heralded “Stories We Tell” which hit theaters on Friday.  

Centered on a candid look at the reality which was Polley’s birth and actual parents whom were responsible for her existence. For much of her life Polley has been under the belief that her mothers husband was indeed her biological father, only to learn recently and come to terms with that not being the truth.  Her birth in actuality was the product of an affair which her late mom partook in.

Earth Shattering.

For a family, for an individual; what better remedy than to come to terms fully with, and be able to share being therapy to a tremendous gray area of emotion. Including narration and on-camewra interviews with many of the parties whom some would say have been victimized by this dark secret, Polly has tinkered with a wealth of different perspectives. Questions, amassed , Polly provides credence to the families copeability and acceptance to a thity-year-old secret.

Using a back to the future formula in a sense Polley takes what was and lets it squaredance with what is, sans the theory of what will be.  A never ending tale, at best; why is not important, how is a foregone conclusion, only what remains.

“The idea that people are talking about it and retelling the story and hearing what people’s’responses are, and what questions come out of it for them, for me was part of the whole curiosity of seeing how different people approach the same material”

The struggle of whether not it was the right time to share this with the world is an on-going battle whic Polly recognizes.  Its takes a strong person to be that forthcoming.  A person of self-respect and content. I have to take my hat off to the mere thought. The execution, should be of extreme interests to all.

Review Grade: 3 – See it …..  It’s Good

“Stories We Tell” is in theaters Friday May 10

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