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Toussaint Louverture

The second annual People’s Film Festival (TPFF) runs May 30 –June 2, 2013 in Harlem, New York at The Magic Johnson Theater, and kicks off with the feature film “Toussaint Louverture”  a two-part epic film directed by Philippe Niang, depicting the life of the Haitian leader. Louverture (Jimmy Jean-Louis) led the first successful slave revolt in world history, defeating Napoleon Bonaparte and winning independence from France.

Other films on the lineup include the North American premiere of “25,000 Miles,” a film about Swiss endurance athlete Serge Roetheli’s thirst for adventure and desire to raise money and awareness for children suffering across the globe propelled him to run a distance equal to the earth’s circumference; and “Bullets over Brownsville,” described as a cautionary tale that chronicles the lives of four Brooklyn housing project residents caught in an absurd web of violence.”

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