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Spencer directed by Olli Koivula and Solvan Naim

See the trailer for the independent comedy film SPENCER, written by, starring, and directed by Geoff Lerer. The film which recently won the Award for Best U.S.A. Feature Film at the 2013 New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF) follows the travails of Spencer Berg, an aspiring filmmaker trying to make his first movie in Brooklyn. 

On the brink of success, Spencer’s world is shattered when his supermodel/actress girlfriend ditches him. Spencer must overcome the loss of his leading lady, the funding that came along with her name above the line, an overeager mother and a terrible part-time job as a clown for children’s parties. Imagine what Woody Allen would be like if he was 26 in 2013, with a Canon 5D and all the attendant hopes and dreams of a young man who can’t fail, despite his best efforts. That’s Spencer.

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