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MAD SHIP directed by David MortinMAD SHIP directed by David Mortin

The 4th annual New Hope Film Festival, in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania’s riverside art colony, New Hope, announced the 2013 awards on Sunday, with MAD SHIP, directed by David Mortin winning the Danny Award – Best Picture. In the film a Scandinavian immigrant, driven to madness by ruined dreams and the tragic death of his wife, embarks on a quixotic mission to build a homemade ship and sail out of the prairie dust bowl at the height of the Great Depression. The award for Best Documentary went to OUT OF PRINT, directed by Vivienne Roumani, Featuring interviews with Scott Turow, Ray Bradbury, Jeffrey Toobin, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, self-publishing success story Darcie Chan and many more, OUT OF PRINT is described as an in-depth look at publishing’s milestones and what it means to adapt that history to the rapid expansions of the information age.

Film Jury Awards

Danny Award- Best Picture – MAD SHIP, Directed by David Mortin, Canada

Best Director- Khrushch Roman, for PECHORIN, Russian Federation

Best Documentary- OUT OF PRINT, Directed by Vivienne Roumani, USA

Best Short Film- SPAGHETTI FOR TWO, Directed by Matthias Rosenberger, Germany

Indie Spirit Award- MY WAY, Co-Directed by Dominique Mollee, Vinny Sisson, USA

Best Animated Film- RECIPE FOR LOVE, Directed by Gwyneth Christoffel, Canada

Best Biography- GEIL OF DOYLESTOWN, Directed by Karl Stieg, USA

Artistic Spirit Award- SURVIVING MOMMIE DEAREST, Directed by Christina Crawford, USA

Best Student Film- SWEETLY BROKEN, Directed by Chung Lam, Czech Republic

Best Adaptation- THE ASSIGNMENT, Directed by Cam Peters, Canada

New Hope Award- ALL ME:THE LIFE AND TIMES OF WINFRED REMBERT, Directed by Vivian Ducat, USA

Cultural Spirit Award- SHELL SHOCKED, Directed by John Richie, USA

Best Horror Film- METAMORPHOSIS, Directed by David Yohe, USA

Best Comedy- SONNY DAYS, Directed by Tom Megalis, USA

Screenplay Jury Awards

Best Screenplay- TAKING THE KING, Nelson Blish, USA

Best Narrative Feature- all I ever wanted was EVERYTHING, Shari MacDonald, USA, Costa Rica

Best Short Screenplay- TRANSHUMANS, Alex Sobol, USA

Best Mid-Atlantic Screenplay- SCARLETT SUNSHINE, Faith Brody Patane, USA

Best Futuristic Screenplay- PRION, Tom McCarron, USA

Best Dramatic Screenplay- HALFWAY HOME, David Schroeder, USA

Music Video Jury Awards

Best Music Video- OLD COATS, Directed by Andy Strohl, USA

Best Pop Video- MY DREAM GIRL, Directed by Carlos Hurtado, USA

Best Alternative Video- LIFE IN PICTUREs, Directed by Herman Wang, Canada

Best Hip Hop Video- TOP OF MY GAME, Directed by Gabriella Loutfi, USA, Jamaica

Best Cultural Spirit Award- LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE, Produced by John Ryan, USA

Best Folk Video- WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR, Directed by Funk Brothers, Canada

Best Inspirational Video- MIRACLE, Directed by Marcin Starzecki, Poland

Audience Choice Awards

Best Webisode- CHART STAR, Directed by Kate McGraw, Australia

Best Music Video- MIRACLE, Directed by Marcin Starzecki, Poland

Best Art House Feature- SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU, Directed by Gavin Rapp, USA

Best Documentary- GAMERS, Directed by Christine Farina, USA

Best Short Film- AUTUMN, Directed by Susan Barry, USA

Best Student Film- THE MERCURY CYCLE, Directed by Cody Hoerig, USA

Best Mid-Atlantic Film- ONE WALL: KINGS OF CONEY ISLAND, Directed by Joe Glickman, USA

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