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The 13th Hollywood Black Film Festival scheduled to take place October 2 – 6, 2013, announced the lineup of Official Selections which includes 2 Features, 38 Shorts, 11 Student Films, 7 Docs and 2 Web Series. Features on the lineup include HARD TIME BUS directed by Dean Charles and THY WILL BE DONE directed by Albert Johnson.

HARD TIME BUS, is the story of Mark Bishop, who after a rude awakening, his carefree womanising lifestyle, comes crashing back to reality, forcing him to make hasty plans to marry devoted girlfriend, Denise. His decision opens his eyes to the life he lead and the friends he thought he knew, but will the years of complacency finally catch up with him before he makes it to the alter.”

In THY WILL BE DONE, an ex-pastor, whose church was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, loses his faith and becomes a homeless wanderer. After surviving a near death experience, he mysteriously awakens in a church that is in desperate need of a pastor..


Hard Time Bus
Writer: Owen Mowatt – Director: Dean Charles

THY Will Be Done
Writer/Director: Albert Johnson


’00:03:00 THRILLER’
Writer: Teri Woods – Director: Dupuy Fatal III

Anger Mis Manangement
Writer/Director: Jorge Sanchez

Bored of the Rings
Writer/Director: Rashim Cannad

Charity Case
Writer: Jerod Brennen – Director: Jenn Shaw

Clean Teeth Wednesdays
Writer/Director: Catherine Bruhier

Colored My Mind
Writer/Director: Nia Hill

Descent of a Superstar
Writer: Alexander McCoy-Smith – Director: Omari Matlock

Faux Pas
Writer: Aaron Coats – Director: Raphael Nash

Finding Our Voice
Writer/Director: Daniel Lir

Five Dollars
Writer: Chris Cromie – Director: Reza Dahya

Writer/Director: Ricky Horne

If I Were A Bell
Writer/Director: Sherese Robinson Lee

Lil Tokyo Reporter
Writer/Director: Jeffrey Chin

Living & Loving In The Moment
Writer/Director: Jonathan A. Lewis

Lou’s Prey
Writer/Director: Juan Davis

Lunch with Jeremiah
Writer: Elijah Rock – Director: Shelton Mack

Writer/Director: Jacquin Deleon

One Night A Stranger
Writer/Director: Chris Strikes

Perfect Day
Writer/Director: Derrick L. Sanders

Prima Facie
Writer: David Tinsley/Story Michael Shahin – Director: David Tinsley

Ritechus Cry
Writer: Jacolby Percy/Co-Writer Byron Morris – Director: Jacolby Percy

Writer/Director: Akil DuPont

Writer/Director: Tchaiko Omawale

Soul Mates
Writer/Director: Reginald Jackson

String of Light
Writer/Director: Asher Emmanuel

Sunday’s at Noon
Writer: Lyric Anderson/Co-Writer Tami Roman – Director: Karamuu Kush

The Bully
Writer/Director: Jamie Burton-Oare

The Bully
Writer/Director: Frederick Fields

The Coffers
Writer/Director: Eric Wilson

The Companion
Writer/Director: Dreka Shevon

The Silent Treatment
Writer/Director: Martine Jean

The Vacancy
Writer/Director: James Dinkins

The Watch
Writer/Director: Roger Franks

Troubled Man
Writer/Director: Aaron Lewis

Writer: Raykel Tolson – Director: Raykel Tolson/Co Director Jamall Crenshaw

Used to BE
Writer: John Calhoun – Director: Steve Toles

Victim Of Circumstance
Writer: Torrei Hart – Director: Zaahir Abdullah

Ying and Yang
Writer: Devere Rogers – Director: Kevin Darnell Walker


Beyond the Echo of the Drum
Writer/Director: Lori Webster

Death of a Wizard
Writer: Alex Thompson/Co Writer Sasha Whitaker – Director: Edward Varine

Writer/Director: ShaneBook

Fall Beats
Writer/Director: Misa Spencer

Girls Like Us! Part 1
Writer: Anike Bay – Director: Chan Smith / Co-Director: James McFarland

Writer/Director: McKinley Johnson

Writer/Director: Anthony Harper

Nigga… Nigga… NIGGA!
Writer/Director: Michael Blevins

Secrets For Strangers
Writer/Director: Boniquea Matthews

Southern Hospitality
Writer: Atoki Lleka – Director: Dennis Hodges

Writer/Director: Brandon Lake


Adopted ID
Writer: Andrew Togobo – Director: Sonia Godding-Togobo

American Beatboxer
Writer/Director: Manauvskar Kublall

A Profile In Courage: Linda L. Smith
Writer/Director: Reginald Brown

In Search of the Black Knight
Writer/Director: Tamarat Makonnen

Prison Body – Freedom Soul: The Saga Of Robert Coney
Writer/Director: Richard Willis Jr

Step Up
Writer/Director: Noube Rateau

Take Us Home
Writer/Director: Aileen LeBlanc/Co-Director Orly Malessa


Life Coach Chronicles
Writer/Director: Freda Hobbs

Mommy Unsensored: Confessions of a Real Mom
Writer: Adrian Dukes/Charity Jordan/Keilana Franklin/Neil Maxwell/Shannon Byrd/Sonya Tate-Smith/Zoie Sykes/
Director: Christine Horn/Justin Jordan/David Kote/Nik Mynyon/Sharell Luckett/

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