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When Stan’s girlfriend of six months, Annie drops the bomb on him that she has been preoccupied more recently and not fully committed to their relationship, he becomes unsettled. Reminding her of their agreement to always be candid about the things that happen in their lives, she elaborates to the truth of her infatuation for and brewing relationship with Mandy. Baffled to say the least Stan admits that he no longer wishes to date Mandy, for now. Meanwhile, Marcus and Aaron are looking for ways to spice up their relationship, at the exact moment when their sexual peak is seemingly in reach; agreeing to explore an “open relationship” the two attempt to set boundaries for their trysts, collectively which they assume would lead to mountains of fun for these liberal New Yorkers, marked by exploratory flings.

Unsure of her reasoning for sharing such news, Annie is caught between temptation, uncertainly, and possible feelings both for Mandy with whom she is only an acquaintance, while Aaron and Marcus try to find ways to not fall out of love with each other all the while falling into the idea of being with other men. Realizing that they may not trust each other the way that they thought, tension grows as the two are trying to hide their actual experiences when they are not together. Sharing an apartment has seemed to make the two more distant than ever, if that makes any sense.

A twist of fate, maybe, or oddly coincidental, the two couples plights intertwine in an extremely provocative manner. Erotic Dreams are brought to fruition, morals are tested, lies maintained, relationships altered and developed, all under the New York City skies. Hows that for a smorgishborg of events. Thanks to director Rodney Evans, you are given a first class ticket to a “powerful, and timely, narrative film exploring issues of sexuality, fidelity, and race in contemporary America.” Hold on for this thrill ride

Note to the general public: The Happy all have a sense of sadness, its an irony of life; nothing is perfect, and cheers to those who have figured that out. The winners in life are risk takers, that ambitious crop of persons who have the courage to obtain, by any means necessary. Forgive as you will, forget what you may, cause at the end of the day its about perseverance, and your ability to cope, or better yet to thrive not just survive in relationships, the same as life. Bare witness to a cast of very good performances, and bouts with living life on life’s term, all while trying a hand at monogamy. A tough task !

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