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The anti-violence short film “THE PAINTER,” premiered at the UrbanWorld Film Festival.  Written and directed by Kevin Cooper, and starring Ron Caldwell, THE PAINTER tackles the tough subject of how violence is robbing the innocence of our youth.  Cooper partnered with non-profit organizations UCAN and Youth Guidance, to include children from high risk areas in the filmmaking process. “It was inspiring working with these children…a film about the violence with the help of victims,” says Cooper.

In THE PAINTER,  a boy, barely 12-years-old, lives in a world where violence surrounds him. His sole means of survival is to escape the violence outside by creating art. He is alone – abandoned for as long as he can remember. He begins this day like every other: quietly sipping a cup of coffee in his run-down kitchen, walls covered with newspaper clippings that chronicle the epidemic death toll in the inner city. Amid wailing sirens and a squawking police scanner, he sits uncomfortably…cleaning a paintbrush. An interviewer’s voice, unsure of what he is witnessing, asks the boy to explain his existence…his art. Though the police instruct the boy to “return to work”, the interviewer holds them off until finally the boy agrees to show us his art. Step inside the line…his art – a world at war. Are you ready?

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