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tallgrass film festival 2014

In addition to the previously announced Gala films, the 12th annual Tallgrass Film Festival has revealed its entire feature film lineup of 48 feature films, selected from over 1400 submissions. More than 30 visiting filmmakers and industry guests will attend the festival. The 12th annual Tallgrass Film Festival will take place October 15 through 19, 2004 in and around Wichita, Kansas.

In Competition: Narrative Features

Domestic Narratives:
A IS FOR ALEX d. Alex Orr (USA, 2014, 74m)
CHILD OF GOD d. James Franco (USA, 2013, 104m)
THE DAVID DANCE d. Aprill Winney (USA, 2014, 108m)
FIVE STAR d Keith Miller (USA, 2014, 83m)
GONE DOGGY GONE d. Kasi Brown (USA, 2014, 89m)
HALF BROTHER d. Anthony Grippa (USA, 2014, 75m
KUMIKO, THE TREASURE HUNTER d. David Zellner (USA, 2014, 105m)
THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE d. John Stuart Wildman (USA, 2014, 93m)
LOVE LAND d. Joshua Tate (USA, 2014, 93m)
MAN FROM RENO d. Dave Boyle (USA, 2014, 111m)
PRETTY ROSEBUD d. Oscar Torre (USA, 2014, 82m)
RUDDERLESS d. William H. Macy (USA, 2014, 105m)
SUN BELT EXPRESS d. Evan Buxbaum (USA, 2014, 91m)

World Narratives:
THE DARK VALLEY (Das finstere Tal) d. Andreas Prochaska (Austria/Germany, 2014, 115m)
LONGWAVE (Les grades ondes) d. Lionel Baler (Switzerland/France/Portugal, 2013, 85m)
METRO MANILA d. Sean Ellis (UK/Philippines, 2013, 115m)
MOOD INDIGO (L’ecume des jours) d. Michel Gondry (France/Belgium, 2013, 94m)
THE SALVATION d. Kristian Levering (Denmark/UK/South Africa, 2014, 89m)
TRAITORS d. Sean Gullette (Morocco/USA, 2013, 83m)
WETLANDS (Feuchtgebiete) d. David Wnendt (Germany, 2013, 105m)

In Competition: Documentary Features

U.S. Documentaries:  
ART AND CRAFT d. Sam Cullman, Jennifer Grossman (USA, 2014, 89m)
BRAVE NEW WILD d. Oakley Anderson-Moore (USA, 2014, 76m)
FIGHT CHURCH d. Daniel Judge, Brian Storkel (USA, 2014, 84m)
GROWING CITIES d. Daniel Sussman (USA, 2013, 97m)
JOHNNY WINTER: DOWN & DIRTY d. Greg Oliver (USA, 2014, 95m)
THE KILL TEAM d. Dan Krauss (USA, 2013, 79m)
THE LIFE AND MIND OF MARK DEFRIEST d. Gabriel London (USA, 2014, 92m)
LIMITED PARTNERSHIP d. Thomas G. Miller (USA/Australia, 2014, 74m)
LITTLE HOPE WAS ARSON d. Theo Love (USA, 2013, 71m)
MAD AS HELL d. Andrew Napier (USA, 2014, 80m) – US Festival Premiere
OIL & WATER d. Alan Robert Davis (USA, 2014, 76m)
THE OVERNIGHTERS d. Jesse Moss (USA, 2014, 90m)
SELF MEDICATED: A FILM ABOUT ART* d. Ethan H. Minsker (USA, 2014, 98m)
SILENCED d. James Spione (USA, 2014, 95m)
STRAY DOG d. Debra Granik (USA, 2014, 98m)

World Documentaries:

A LIFE IN DIRTY MOVIES d Wiktor Ericcson (Sweden, 2013, 80m)
LIGHT FLY, FLY HIGH d. Beathe Hofseth, Susann Ostigaard (Netherlands/Norway/India, 2013, 80m)
THE SUPREME PRICE d. Joanna Lipper (Nigeria/USA, 2014, 75m)

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