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I Believe in UnicornsI Believe in Unicorns

The 17th annual Arpa International Film Festival will be held November 14-16th, 2014 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.  For the 17th year, the lineup includes award winning films including: As it Used to Be and Sombras de Azul, along with SXSW nominated, I Believe in Unicorns.

“We’re thrilled about this years festival line-up, which includes both domestic and international films and filmmakers, ready to showcase their work,” said Festival Director, Michael Ashjian. “It’s our goal to stay true to our mission in cultivating awareness of important topics that affect our society through the medium of film. We can’t wait to share these films with everyone!”


Arena (2013)
Country: Poland
Director: Martin Rath
Writer: Martin Rath
Producer: Marcin Malatynski

As It Used to Be (2013)
Country: France
Director: Clément Gonzalez
Writer: Clément Gonzalez
Producer: Clément Gonzalez

Atrophy (2014)
Country: USA
Director: Hovig Kazandjian
Writer: Hovig Kazandjian
Producer: Danny Simonzad, Shervin Youssefian

Cassandra (2014)
Country: France, USA
Director: Guy-Roger Duvert
Writer: Guy-Roger Duvert
Producer: Guy-Roger Duvert, Rudolph Falaise

Distance (2014)
Country: USA
Director: Ismael Gomez III
Writer: Ismael Gomez III
Producer: Tyler Munyon, Yassel Iglesias

Eclipse (2013)
Country: Armenia
Director: Ara Yernjakyan
Writer: Ara Yernjakyan
Producer: None Listed

The Eulogy of Ivy O’Connor (2013)
Country: USA
Director: Shervin Youssefian
Writer: Sophie Jordan
Producer: Shervin Youssefian, Danny Simonzad

Families Are Forever (2013)
Country: USA
Director: Vivian Kleiman
Writer: None Listed
Producer: Vivian Kleiman
Duration: 00:20:39

L’Homme du Passé (2013)
Country: France
Director: Matt Beurois
Writer: Matt Beurois
Producer: Matt Beurois

Martin (2014)
Country: USA
Director: Justin Lee
Writer: Justin Lee
Producer: Ik-Tong Ryo

Najes (2014)
Country: Iran
Director: Bahram & Bahman Hajaboloo
Writer: Bahram & Bahman Hajaboloo
Producer: None Listed

No Love Lost (2013)
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Skekhar Bassi
Writer: Skekhar Bassi, Shalinder Bassi
Producer: Gemma Lloyd, Helen Silver, Skekhar Bassi, Shalinder Bassi

One Step Forward (2011)
Country: USA
Director: Joel Marsh, Benjamin Crowell
Writer: Joel Marsh, Benjamin Crowell
Producer: Joel Marsh, Benjamin Crowell

Return of the Tyke (2014)
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Garo Berberian
Writer: Garo Berberian, Ben Hodgson
Producer: Garo Berberian, Paul Hellard

We Are Enemies (2014)
Country: USA
Director: Ilya Rozhkov
Writer: Ilya Rozhkov
Producer: Egor Povolotskiy, Janek Ambros

Zugzwang (2013)
Country: Spain, USA
Director: Yolanda Centeno
Writer: Yolanda Centeno
Producer: Yolanda Centeno, Lavinia Barsotti

Country: USA
Director: Deborah Attoinese
Writer: Deborah Attoinese
Producer: Deborah Attoinese, Clara Ronk

Country: USA
Director: Joel Marsh
Writer: Joel Marsh, Gray Cusack
Producer: Joel Marsh, Gray Cusack

Just Be Yourself
Country: USA
Director: Stuart Davis
Writer: Stuart Davis
Producer: Sebastian Segal


I Believe in Unicorns (2014)
Country: USA
Director: Leah Meyerhoff
Writer: Leah Meyerhoff
Producer: Heather Rae

Sombras de Azul (2013)
Country: Cuba, Mexico, USA
Director: Kelly Daniela Norris
Writer: Kelly Daniela Norris
Producer: Kelly Daniela Norris, Travis Pittman

Toastmaster (2013)
Country: Spain, USA
Director: Eric Boadella
Writer: Eric Boadella
Producer: Eric Boadella, Hermes Marco, Martin Yernazian,

37: A Final Compromise
Country: USA
Director: Randall Batinkoff
Writer: Randall Batinkoff, Jesse Stratton
Producer: Randall Batinkoff, Guy Blews, Leila Djansi

Odd Brodsky
Country: USA
Director: Cindy Baer
Writer: Matthew Irving and Cindy Baer
Producer: Cindy Baer and Thomat Hatsios

Neutral Zone
Country: Armenia
Director: Artak Zilfimyan
Writer: Artak Zilfimyan
Producer: Tiran Hayrapetyan
Duration: 01:3:00
Language: English


The Amazing Mr. Ash (2014)
Country: USA
Director: Brian Gersten
Writer: None Listed
Producer: Brian Gersten

Born in Adana (2014)
Country: Canada
Director: David Hovan
Writer: David Hovan
Producer: David Hovan

Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey (2014)
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Adam Penny
Writer: Adam Penny, Marta György-Kessler
Producer: None Listed

Music is a Universal Language (2014)
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Director: Milos Drobnjakovic
Writer: Milos Drobnjakovic
Producer: Milos Drobnjakovic, Natasa Pajovic

Music to Madness – the Story of Komitas (2014)
Country: Canada, USA
Director: David Deranian
Writer: David Deranian
Producer: David Deranian

The No Name Painting Association (2013)
Country: China, USA
Director: Joe Griffin
Writer: Rene Balcer
Producer: Rene Balcer

Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue (2013)
Country: Egypt, USA
Director: Tim Wilkerson
Writer: Tim Wilkerson
Producer: Tim Wilkerson

Party Line (2014)
Country: USA
Director: Alan Magee
Writer: Alan Magee
Producer: Alan Magee

You Have His Eyes (2014)
Country: USA
Director: Christopher Wilson
Writer: Not Listed
Producer: Christopher Wilson

Still in Memory of the Quake
Country: Armenia
Director: Anzhela Frangyan
Writer: Anzhela Frangyan
Producer: Arax Tadevosyan, Gohar Mkitaryan

Apricot, Blessed Tree of Armenia
Country: Armenia
Director: Shirak Khojayan
Writer: Shirak Khojayan
Producer: Shirak Khojayan
When My Sorrow Died

Country: USA
Director: Robert Nazar Arjoyan
Producer: Matt Huffman
Duration: 01:25:00
Language: English


Dasha Hara (2013)
Country: Australia, Canada
Director: Bryn Oh

Pis’ma vojny (2014)
Country: Russian Federation
Director: Vera Tomilova
Writer: Vadim Gassanov
Producer: Alexander Zhukov

Too Soon (2013)
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Jeremy Harvey
Writer: Jeremy Harvey
Producer: None Listed

Shohare Pooldar
Country: USA
Director: Shervin Youssefian
Writer: Shervin Youssefian
Producer: Erwin Khatchikian
Duration: 00:03:30
Language: Farsi w/ English Subtitles

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