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big in japanBIG IN JAPAN

The 11th edition of the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF), which takes place December 4-9, 2014 in Nassau and December 10-14, in Harbour Island, Eleuthera will showcase 95 films from 30 different countries, including 48 features and 47 short films of which several are international premieres and all are Bahamian premieres. “LIKE SUNDAY LIKE RAIN” starring, Starring Leighton Meester (Gossip Girls) and Debra Messing (Will And Grace) and Billy Joe Armstrong, will open the festival with a red carpet screening at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island on Thursday, December 4th. American Comedy “BIG IN JAPAN” starring Phillip Peterson, Sean Lowry, David Drury, Alex Vincent, Adam Powers as Mans will close the festival with an evening screening on Sunday, December 7th – also at the Atlantis Theater.

The official BIFF lineup is comprised of the following films:


Come to my voice  (Turkey) Director: Ray Meirovitz
The Gift, An Bronntanas (Ireland) Director: Tom Collins
Four Corners (South Africa) Director: Ian Gabriel
Lake Los Angeles (US) Director: Mike Ott
Sombras De Azul (Mexico/Cuba) Director: Travis Pittman
Tu Seras Un Homme (France) Director: Benoit Cohen
Wheels (US) Director: Donavon Thomas
Love Me “Mehe”(Turkey/Ukraine) Director: Maryna Er Gorbach & Mehmet Bahadir 


Chimeras (China) Director: Mika Mattila
Mala Mala (USA) Director: Dan Sickles
N’Kisi Concorde (USA) Director: Nikki Sass
Obama Mama (USA) Director: Vivian Norris
Poverty Inc. (USA) Director: Mark Weber
Spit’ in Anger: Venom Of a Fatherless Son (USA) Director: Kenneth Braswell 
Surviving Cliff Side (USA) Director: John Matthews
Vessel (USA) Director: Diana Whitten


Beti and Amare (Ethiopia. Spain Canada, Germany, Romania USA) Andy Siege
Battered (USA) Director: Robert Madero
Copenhagen (USA) Director: Mark Raso
Cru (USA) Director: Alton Glass
Five Star (USA) Director: Luisa Conlon 
Lawrence & Holloman – (Canada) Director: Matthew Kowalchuk
Leave To Remain (UK) Director: Bruce Goodison
Marussia (USA / France) Director: Eva Pervolvici
Mom Murder and Me (USA) Director: Heather Donnell 
Still (UK) Director: Simon Blake
Sun Belt Express (USA) Director:  Evan Buxbaum
The Boys Castaway (Australia) Director: Michael Kantor


Abo So (Aruba) Director: Juan Francisco 
De Pez En Cuando (Dominican Republic) Director: Francisco Adolfo Valdez
Ring Di Alarm (Jamaica) Director: Storm Saulter, Michelle Serieux
The Current (Bahamas, Mexico Tonga, USA) Director: Kurt Miller, Hans Rosenwinkel
You Have His Eyes (US/Jamaica) Director: Chris Wilson


Like Sunday Like Rain (USA) Director: Frank Whaley
Night Of The Living Dead (USA) Director: Zebediah De Soto


Boundaries Of The Heart (China)
Free Fall (USA) 
I Believe In Unicorns (USA) Director: Leah Meyerhoff
Sleepwalkers (USA) Director: Ryan Lightbourn)
Jingle Bell Rocks!! (USA) Director: Michael Kezin
Art Of Darkness (Canada) Director: David Parker
The Barefoot Bandit (USA, Bahamas) Director: Carly Bodmer
Oil & Water (USA) Director: Francine Strickwerda & Laurel Spellman Smith
Sand Wars (USA) Director: Denis Delestrac
Ice Bear (UK, Canada) Director: Oliver Parker
The Widowers (USA) Director: Katie Irish
Under the Same Sun (Israel) Director: Yelena Gyulkhanda


37/0 4 S (France) Director: Adriano Valerio 
A Spring Has Passed By (Syria) Director: Eva Daoud
Animal Cookies (USA) Director: Matthew Temple
Bis Gleich (Till Then) Director: Benjamin Wolff
Bodies Of Irreversible Detriment (USA) Director: Ben Lazarus
Butterfly Fluttering (Russia) Director: Roman Kayumov
Choongshim, Soso (Korea) Director:  Kim Jung in
Con Quein Suena Berta (Spain) Director:  Francisco Javier Gomez Pinteno
Danny And The Wild Bunch –(USA) Director: Robert Rugan
Distance (US/ Spain) Director: Danny Langa
Dove On The Roof   Голубь на крыше (Kazakhstan) Director: Olga Korotko
El Bostan El Saeed Street (Egypt) Director: Maysoon El Massry
El Tiempo Del Agua (Argent
na, Canada) Director: Shahriar Adham El Kosht
En Las Nubes (In The Clouds) (Argentina) Dir
ctor: Marcelo Mitnik
Festus (USA) Director: Shawn Snyder
Frank and Azalee Austin (USA) Director: Zachary Kerschberg 
Forget Me Not (USA) Director: Christopher McKee
Helium (Denmark) Director: Andres Walter
Hotel Y (Argentina) Director: Geraldine Baron Visher
I Know You (Italy, UK) Director:  Colin Gerrard
I’m In The Corner With Bluebells (UK) Ako Mitchell
Idyllwild 牧歌 (China) Director: Zenas Cao, Aisha Porter-Christie
Indian Summer (UK) Director: Toby Lomas
Into The Silent Sea  (USA) Director: Andrej Landin 
La Donna (Spain) Director: Nicolas Dolensky
La Gallina (Spain) Director: Manel Raga 
Last Days Of Summer (Netherlands) Director: Feike Santbergen
Le Train Bleu (France) Director: Stephanie Assimacopoulo 
Leave Keys In Car (USA) Director: Tessa Blake
Long Con (USA) Director: Kreimild Saunders
Love Me Haiti (Haiti, Poland, Sweden, USA) Director: Hugues Gentillion
Man Since Long Time (Egypt) Director: Mahmoud Yossry
Mr. Invisible (UK) Director: Greg Ash
Muted (USA) Director: Rachel Goldberg
One Armed Man (USA) Director: Tim Guinee
One night Only (USA) Direcor: Che Grant
Perfect day (USA) Director: Derrick L. Sanders
Salvatore (USA) Director: William Shermer
Second Act (USA) Director: Francesca De Sola 
Somos Amigos (Spain) Director: Carlos Solano Perez
The Smut Locker (USA) Director: Harry Tarre
Tobacco Burn (USA) Director: Justin Liberman
Tribute (USA) Director: Neil Evans
Washingtonia (Greece) Director: Konstantina Kotzamani
When Pigs Swim (Bahamas) Director: Charlie Smith
Where Do We Go From Here (USA) Director: Matthew Szewczyk


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