THE OVERNIGHT, written and directed by Patrick Brice, and premiering in Dramatic Competition at Sundance Film Festival, has been picked up by The Orchard for a traditional theatrical release nationwide later this year. 

The Orchard acquired the film after a fierce bidding war with multiple suitors.  The company has committed to an aggressive P&A spend to support a wide theatrical release.

THE OVERNIGHT, which was produced by Gettin’ Rad and Duplass Brothers, stars the fun-loving foursome of Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche. Scott and Schilling play a young couple new to Los Angeles, who spend an increasingly bizarre evening with the parents of their son’s new friend.

THE ORCHARD, a pioneering music company, recently ramped up a film division and began distributing narrative and documentary films theatrically in 2014.   THE OVERNIGHT is its most high-profile acquisition to date. Other upcoming releases for THE ORCHARD include WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS starring Jemaine Clement and the acclaimed fashion documentary DIOR AND I, which will be released theatrically on over 150 screens in April.

The Duplass Brothers said, “Jay and I have made our careers by doing things our own way, and The Orchard is a group of young, smart pioneers who blew us away with their bold, passionate approach to taking this film into the world.”

Producers Adam and Naomi Scott said “For Gettin’ Rad’s first feature, we couldn’t have asked for better collaborators than our friends Patrick, Mark and Jay. Our good fortune continues with this new partnership with The Orchard, a bunch of insanely smart and cool people. We will never stop high-fiving.”

Patrick Brice said “You bring a movie to Sundance with the desire that maybe a few people will connect with it. The fact that it’s now going to play in theaters across the country is beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. You’ll have to excuse me while I throw up from excitement.”

“We were obsessed with The Overnight from the minute we laid eyes on it,” said The Orchards SVP Film and TV Paul Davidson.  “It’s a rare intelligent comedy backed up by an even rarer team of smart, passionate filmmakers.  We are thrilled to be a part of it.”

THE OVERNIGHT, Patrick Brice’s second feature is a painfully funny take on thirty-something sexual frustration and parenthood. Featuring memorable lead performances by Schilling, Scott, Schwartzman, and Godrèche, THE OVERNIGHT tells a complex story of universal inadequacies.

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