My Mother, Mia Madre, Nanni Moretti

My Mother (Mia Madre), Nanni Moretti’s latest film, will open the 32nd Jerusalem Film Festival, at the Sultan’s Pool on July 9th, only months after its screening in the official competition at Cannes. The opening ceremony will be attended by John Turturro, who stars in the film.

My Mother tells the story of Margherita, a famous Italian director who, while shooting her new film, has to deal with her lead actor (John Turturro) – an annoying but charming American with a proclivity for exaggeration. In addition to the pressure on the set, she also has to deal with her hospitalized aging mother’s health and with her adolescent daughter. Her brother (Nanni Moretti), is there to support and assist her, but very soon she understands that she cannot separate her personal life from her work on the film.

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