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CAFFEINATED directed by Hanh Nguyen and Vishal Solanki

The coffee documentary CAFFEINATED opens nationwide today July 14 in theaters, and on iTunes, Amazon, googleplay, Xbox, vudu and all major cable providers.

Learn the story behind your morning Joe. From seed to mug, coffee, and the process by which it is created, has shaped the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide. Working with Geoff Watts, famous green-buyer, the filmmakers travel to America’s most populous coffee-drinking cities and to producing countries, interviewing connoisseurs and farmers alike. With a focus on the social and cultural landscape of coffee, Caffeinated gives the coffee consumer unprecedented access to the farmers responsible for growing that perfect bean, and the producers responsible for brewing that perfect cup.

Last night, I had the chance to watch the film, and I found it very intriguing and informative. Here are ten things I learned from watching CAFFEINATED.

1.) Coffee is actually a fruit. It grows on trees in the hills of India, Nicaragua, Brazil, the African continent and other countries around the world.

2.) The two important varieties of coffee are Robusta and Arabica. I suppose if you drink the Robusta it will make you quite robust.

3.) Prior to being roasted the coffee bean is green in appearance. It is green with envy at the billion dollar industry.

4.) The barista prepares coffee and operates the expresso machine at the coffee specialty shops. When I heard the term barista, immediately I thought of lawyer ‘barrister’. (I was raised in the British education system)

5.) The coffee grinder and all the other coffee contraptions used in coffee specialty stores were fashioned from laundry machines.

6.) During the process of roasting the coffee beans go through various chemical reactions. When people drink the beverage they experience various chemical reactions.

7.) There is an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. An invitation to this ceremony signifies friendship. It involves roasting, grinding and pouring of the coffee. It is a fundamental part of their culture. Coffee, el café, le café, kaffee, etc…, is an integral part of ‘world culture.’

8.) Heightened senses are important in the coffee industry. The sense of taste, smell, touch etc…, they are important in this business of coffee. Senses should be high quality like the coffee.

9.) There are women who own plots of land in different parts of the world, who cultivate coffee. These women produce some of the best coffee on the market today.

10.) A coffee taster is a person who tastes coffee all day long. I would like this job. I get to consume a rich, tasty beverage all day.

written by Angela Ramsay.

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