SHORT SKIN, directed by Duccio Chiarini

Breaking Glass Pictures will release in the US, the Italian coming-of-age comedy SHORT SKIN, directed by Duccio Chiarini, about a 17-year-old virgin who wants to have sex but he has a problem – he suffers from a painful disorder called phimosis or tight foreskin. The film premiered at the 2014 Venice Film Festival and was awarded Best Debut Film prize at the Ciak d’oro 2015.

Short Skin will premiere at Cinema Village in NYC on October 9, and then released on VOD and DVD on October 20.

Edoardo (newcomer Matteo Creatini) [is] a 17-year-old virgin. This summer, he and his best friend vow to lose their virginity. There’s just one problem: Edoardo is suffering from a disorder called phimosis – a painful condition in which the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back. Edoardo is also secretly dealing with the antics of his crazy friends and family — bickering parents with their own sexual issues, a sister obsessed with her dog’s sexuality, his leering best friend Arturo, his pink haired alt neighbor Elisabetta and his dream girl Bianca, who has decided to move to Paris.

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