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Adama, Simon Rouby

2015 Stockholm International Film Festival presents Migration as this year’s Spotlight theme and announces a selection of films on the topic. Stockholm Film Festival’s section Spotlight highlights current societal issues. The lineup delivers an array of compelling documents and feature film, broadening the ongoing debate with new perspectives. Previous years Spotlight has been dedicated to the topics of Hope, Freedom and Power.

“The currently increasing refugee crisis is the reason behind our decision to focus on the issue of Migration this year. The selection of films tells the stories of people fleeing or leaving their homes for different reasons,” says Git Scheynius, festival director of Stockholm International Film Festival.

2015 Stockholm International Film Festival Spotlight films:
Adama, Simon Rouby (2015), France. Nordic Premiere. (pictured in main image)
He named me Malala, Davis Guggenheim (2015), USA. Scandinavian Premiere.
Invisible, Lawrence Fajardo (2015), Philippines, Japan. European Premiere.
Lampedusa in Winter, Jakob Brossmann (2015), Italy, Austria. Swedish Premiere.
One Breath, Christian Zübert (2015), Germany, Greece. Nordic Premiere.
Out of My Hand, Takeshi Fukunaga (2015), USA, Liberia. Swedish Premiere.
The Waiting Room, Igor Drljaca (2015), Canada. Nordic Premiere.
They Call Us Beggars, Caroline Kernen, Tova Kurkiala Medbo (2015), Sweden, Romania. World premiere.

Spotlight films

Nordic Premiere
Cast Azize Diabate, Pascal Nzonzi, Oxmo Puccino
Country France
Year 2015
Length 82 min.
In this animated adventure we follow 12-year-old Adama who sets of to search for his brother when he disappears from their native village. This epic journey takes Adama from West Africa’s sunny plains to Paris and the front line during the First World War. »Adama« is a film about compassion and the courage it takes to follow your heart.

He Named Me Malala
Scandinavian Premiere
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Length: 87 min.

documentary, HE NAMED ME MALALA
Malala Yousafzai found herself at the age of 15 subjected to a brutal assasination attemp by the Taliban in Pakistan following her fight to garauntee girls right to education. This documentary portrays her everyday life and her global work, with sharpness and inspiring pathos. The result is an intimate portrait of a young hero, women’s rights activist and Nobel price winner.

European Premiere
Cast Allen Dizon, Ces Quescada, Bernardo Bernardo
Country Philippines, Japan
Year: 2015
Length: 132 min
In Japan they are virtually invisible but in this intimate drama three Filipino migrant workers take front stage. Linda hides some of them in her apartment much to the dismay of her Japanese husband. »Invisible« conveys through long takes and tasteful photography an equally exciting and important film about prejudice and class inequalities.

Lampedusa in Winter
Swedish Premiere
Country Italy, Austria, Schwitzerland
Year: 2015
Length: 93 min

Lampedusa in Winter, Jakob Brossmann
The media often describes “refugee island” Lampedusa as a conflict area with widespread racism. Jakob Brossmann has however chosen to portray a different side. He paints a touching portrait of the local people’s daily lives and how the refugees have become a part of their identity. The result is a highly relevant and insightful portrayal of migration and reception.

One Breath
Nordic Premiere
Cast Jördis Triebel, Chara Mata Giannatou, Benjamin Sadler
Country: Germany, Greece
Year: 2015
Length: 96 min,
A greek nanny and a career-driven mother in Frankfurt collide in this thrilling drama from German director Christian Zübert. When a child disappears the two women are forced to confront their fears and responsibilities. »One Breath« is a stylistic and fast paced depiction of a desperate hunt that stretches from Germany to Greece.

Out of My Hand
Swedish Premiere
Cast: Bishop Blay, Zenobia Taylor, Duke Murhpy Dennis
Country: USA, Liberia
Year: 2015
Length: 88 min

Out of My Hand, Takeshi Fukunaga
Cisco is a rubber plantation worker in Liberia who barely earns enough to feed his family. A trip to New York and a new job as a taxi driver forces him to move to a city that elicits buried memories. »Out of My Hand« is a beautiful and compelling drama that connects two continents whilst introducing bold new talents from Liberia.

The Waiting Room
Nordic Premiere
Cast: Jasmin Geljo, Filip Geljo, Masa Lizdek
Country: Canada
Year: 2015
Length: 92 min
Actor Jasmin Geljo from former Yugoslavia utilizes his own experiences in his depiction of a unhappy immigrant living in Canada. His job as a construction worker combined with a declining film career makes him yearn for the past. However a new role raises hopes but also heavy war memories. »The Waiting Room« is a quiet drama about not belonging.

They Call Us Beggars, Caroline Kernen, Tova Kurkiala Medbo (2015), Sweden, Romania. World premiere.

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