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Eadweard , Kyle Rideout

The 2015 Anchorage International Film Festival revealed the lineup of independent films from around the world to screen December 4-13, 2015 at the BearTooth Theatrepub, Alaska Experience Theater, Anchorage Museum and the Snow Goose Performing Arts Theatre.

The festival will begin with the Opening Night screening of “Eadweard,” at the BearTooth Theatrepub, 8 PM on Friday, Dec. 4. Eadweard is the story of a world-famous, turn-of-the-century photographer, Eadweard Muybridge, later to be known as the “Godfather of Cinema.” This psychological thriller follows Muybridge from his work in Alaska shortly after its purchase from Russia. The story portrays an unconventional photographer as he seeks to capture life in “motion,” developing the first body of stop-motion photography–over 100,000 images depicting animals and humans in motion, and nude and deformed subjects. Director Kyle Rideout will be in attendance for the Opening Night screening.

Among the many cinematic highlights anticipated for this festival are some collaborative screenings including the Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association (AMIPA) debut of a rare, thought-to-be-lost, early Sci-Fi film from 1929 called “High Treason,” which has been in the restoration process for ten years, from Alaska to the Library of Congress. Also on the docket is an Indie Lens Pop-up series documentary from Alaska Public Media, “Autism in Love”, screening at Anchorage Museum, directly after the annual “Family Day” program, offered for free to the public.


Narrative Feature Selections at AIFF 2015 are:

And The Circus Leaves Town (d. Mete Sozer, Turkey)
Creditors (d. Ben Cura, United Kingdom)
Death on a Rock (d. Scott Ballard, United States)
Diablo (d. Lawrence Roeck, Canada)
Eadweard (d. Kyle Rideout, Canada)
Jasmine (d. Dax Phelan, Hong Kong)
Living With the Dead (d. Rebekah Nelson, United States)
Magic Utopia ( d. Shoji Toyama, Shuichi Tan, Japan)
Midori in Hawaii (d. John Hill, United States)
Orphans & Kingdoms (d. Paolo Rotondo, New Zealand)
Status:single (d. Pavel Ruminov, Russian Federation)
The David Dance (d. Aprill Winney, United States)
The Descendants (d. Yaser Talebi, Islamic Republic of Iran)
The Incredible Adventures of Jojo (and his annoying little sister Avila) (d. Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt, United States
They Look Like People (d. Perry Blackshear, United States)
Under Construction (d. Rubaiyat Hossain, Bangladesh)
When the Ocean Met the Sky (d. Phillip Thomas, Canada)

Documentary selections at AIFF 2015 are:

A Courtship (d. Amy Kohn, United States)
A Journey to Namie (d. Sulfikar Amir, Singapore)
Above & Below (d. Nicolas Steiner, Switzerland)
Bihttoš (d. Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Canada)
Children of the Arctic (d. Nick Brandestini, Switzerland)
Circus Without Borders (d. Susan Gray, Linda Matchan, United States)
Code: Debugging the Gender Gap (d. Robin Hauser Reynolds, United States)
Dance of the People (d. Marc Menish, United States)
Free Custom Poetry (d. Cory Wilson, United States)
From This Day Forward (d. Sharon Shattuck, United States)
Harry & Snowman (d. Ron Davis, United States)
Janey Makes a Play (d. Jared Callahan, United States)
Keeping Country (d. Andrew Quinn, Australia)
Knit Me Some Happiness (d. Sofia Olins, United Kingdom)
Lost & Found (d. Nicolina Lanni, Canada)
Love Between the Covers (d. Laurie Kahn, Australia, United States)
Madina’s Dream (d. Andrew Berends, United States)
Man in the Can (d. Noessa Higa, United States)
No Greater Love (d. Justin Roberts, United States)
Riding My Way Back (d. Robin Fryday, Peter Rosenbaum, United States)
Right Footed (d. Nick Spark, United States)
Stink! (d. Jon J. Whelan, United States)
Superjednostka (d. Teresa Czepiec, Poland)
The Brainwashing of My Dad (Work in Progress screening)(d. Jen Senko, United States)
The House is Innocent (d. Nicholas Coles, United States)
To Scale (d. Alex Gorosh, United States)
Vanishing Sail (d.Alexis Andrews, Antigua & Barbuda)
Very Semi-Serious (d. Leah Wolchok, United States)
War of Lies (d. Matthias Bittner, Germany)

Short Film Selections at AIFF 2015 are:

20 Meters of Love in Montmartre (d. Pierre Gaffié, France)
Adolescence (d. Daniel Milan, Mexico)
Birthday (d. Chris King, United States)
Hirsit (d. Selcen Yilamzoglu, Turkey)
Joe Will Die (d. David Janove, United States)
Merry X-mas (d. Boman Modine, United States)
Mike (d. Petros Silvestros, United Kingdom)
Moving On (d. Mike Spear, Marcia Fields, United States)
My Heart (d. Yser Talebi, Islamic Republic of Iran)
Nkosi Coiffure (d. Frederike Migom, Belgium)
One-Minute Time Machine (d. Devon Avery, United States)
Scary Larry (d. Greg Ivan Smith, United States)
The Bravest, The Boldest (d. Moon Molson, United States)
The Call (d. Zamo Mkhwanazi, South Africa)
The Poem of a Memory (d. Christhian Andrews, United States)
The Red Thunder (d. Alvaro Ron, United States)
The Story of a Rainy Night (d. Mehdi Fard Ghaderi, Iran)
Unleaded (d. Luke Davies, United Kingdom)
Winter (d. Lina Roessler, Canada)
Zawadi (d. Richard Card, Kenya)

Chhaya (d. Debanjan Nandy, United Kingdom)
Golden Shot (d. Gokalp Gonen, Turkey)
In the forest (d. Li Xia, United States)
Mr. McBob (d. Pierre Schantz, United States)
Olilo (d. Ao Li, United States)
Ripple (d. Conner Griffith, United States)
Rosso Papavero (d. Martin Smetana, Slovakia)
Scaredy Bat (d. Greg Perkins, United States)
Sleepy Steve (d. Meghann Artes, United States)
Switch Man (d. Hsun-Chun Chuang , Shao-Kuei Tong, Taiwan)
The Apple Tree (d. Scott Storm, United States)
The Looking Planet (d. Eric Law Anderson, United States)
The Present (d. Jacob Frey, Germany)
Untitled (d. Sean McCarthy, United States)
wHole (d. Verena Klinger, Robert Banning, Germany)

Made In Alaska
3022 Ft. (d. Max Romey, United States)
Degrees North (Switzerland) 52 min.
Easy Money (d. Zayn Roohi, United States)
Heart of Alaska (d. Bjørn Olson, United States)
Hunting in Wartime (d. Samantha Farinella, United States)
I Follow Rivers (d. Ellie Schmidt, United States)
Pushing Out Daisy (d. Allison Week, United States)
Seahorse (d. Kamell Allaway, United States)
Storis: The Galloping Ghost of the Alaska Coast (d. Damon Stuebner, United States)
The Muse (d. Christopher Gage Tucker, United States)
The Ruthless Rhymer (d. Quinton Oliver Smith, United States)
Through the Wires (d. Greg Chaney, United States)
We Are All Related Here (d. Brian McDermott, United States)

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