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My Father Die
My Father Die

FilmRise will release Sean Brosnan’s, son of actor Pierce Brosnan, debut feature film, My Father Die. The film which World Premiered at the 2016 South by Southwest Festival will be released in theaters in Winter 2016.

In an interview with SXSW Film Festival, Sean Brosnan describes the film:

My Father Die is loosely based off an 18th century Irish play by J.M. Synge titled, “Playboy of the Western World.” I took the spine of the play which was the relationship between the father and the son. A tumultuous one to say the least. I set it in the mid 90s in and around the bayou of Louisiana. It’s a revenge film essentially, but one could also argue that it is a love story.

At the age of twelve a young boy named Asher Rawlings watches his father (Ivan) brutally murder his older brother (Chester) for sleeping with his girlfriend (Nana). Ivan gets locked up. And seventeen years go by, until one day Asher gets told by a local cop that his old man has been released early. Asher’s been training for years to avenge his brother’s death. So, he sets out to kill his old man.

The story plays with a lot of Freudian themes, such as the ego, super-ego and the ID. Costumes and character traits were inspired from old Norse Poems of warriors. The film is pretty straight forward, but there are a lot of historical, cultural and mythological references that twist and bend under the skin of its persona. I wanted to make a poetic yet fiercely confrontational film that would lovingly carve its title into your psyche with the heel of its boot.

My Father Die cast includes Joe Anderson, Gary Stretch, Candace Smith, Kevin Gage, John Schneider, Gabe White, Ross Britz, Thomas Francis Murphy, William Mark McCullough and Frances Reagan James.

Pierce Brosnan, also produces the film, along with Sanja Banic and Orian Williams.

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