Mimosas by Oliver Laxe
Mimosas by Oliver Laxe

MIMOSAS directed by Oliver Laxe, is the winner of the Nespresso
 Grand Prize in the International Critics’ Week section of the Cannes Film Festival.

A caravan escorts an elderly and dying Sheikh through the Moroccan Atlas. His last wish is to be buried with his closed ones. But death does not wait. The caravaneers, fearful of the mountain, refuse to continue transporting the corpse. Saïd and Ahmed, two rogues travelling with the caravan, say they know the way and promise to take the corpse to its destiny.

In another world, Shakib is chosen to travel to the mountains with a mission: to help the improvised caravaneers.

2016 International Critics’ Week awards.

 Grand Prize
Mimosas by Oliver Laxe

France 4
 Visionary Award
Album by Mehmet Can Mertoglu

A couple in their late 30’s sets out to prepare a fake photo album of a pseudo pregnancy period in order to prove their biological tie to the baby they’re planning to adopt.

Leica Cine Discovery Prize for short films
Prenjak by Wregas Bhanuteja


Gan Foundation Award for Distribution
Sophie Dulac, French distributor for One Week and a Day (Shavua Ve Yom) by Asaph Polonsky

Davy Chou and Claire Maugendre, co-writers of Diamond Island

Canal+ Award for short films
L’enfance D’un Chef by Antoine de Bary

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