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Watch Count von Közsnöm go from coffin to couch in the first official trailer for Music Box’s Austrian vampire romantic-comedy, THERAPY FOR VAMPIRE, opening in theaters on June 10th.

Written and directed by David Ruehm, THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE is set in 1930s Vienna features stunning cinematography from Austria’s preeminent DP Martin Gschlacht (Goodnight Mommy, Oscar-nominated Revanche), and winner of the Audience Award at the 2016 Fantasia Film Festival.

In this fresh take on vampire legend, the unhappily married Count von Közsnöm trades his coffin for the Sigmund Freud’s couch, until some hilarious yet seductive encounters with a talented artist and his headstrong girlfriend turn his world – literally – upside down. Detailed sets and stunning gothic imagery complement this brilliantly droll relationship drama, which proves that 500 years of marriage is enough

Vienna, 1930. Count von Közsnöm (Tobias Moretti) has lost his thirst for life, and his eternally long marriage to Countess Gräfin Elsa von Közsnöm (Jeanette Hain) cooled centuries ago. Fortunately, Sigmund Freud (Karl Fischer), with his innovative new approach to solving life’s existential problems, is accepting new patients. During their strictly nocturnal sessions, the good doctor suggests the Count appease his vain wife, desperate to see her own reflection, by commissioning a portrait of her by his assistant, Viktor (Dominic Oley), an aspiring painter. But it’s Viktor’s headstrong girlfriend Lucy (Cornelia Ivancan) who most intrigues the Count, convinced she’s the reincarnation of his one true love. Soon, the whole crowd is a hilarious mess of mistaken identities and misplaced affections in this send -up of the vampire genre, proving once and for all that 500 years of marriage is enough.

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