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DELINQUENT by Kieran Valla is the big winner of the 2016 Brooklyn Film Festival, taking both the Grand Chameleon Award and the Award for Best Narrative Feature, in addition to the Best Actor award for Alex Shaffer.

The complete list of 2016 Brooklyn Film Festival Winners and Awards.


Delinquent is the story of Joey, a 17-year-old in rural Connecticut who finds the idea of following in his father’s footsteps as a small-time crook romantic and alluring. But after Joey accompanies his father and his crew on a burglary that goes horribly wrong, he is faced with mounting pressures from the victims, his accomplices, and his own conscience. He’ll have to make decisions that will change the course of his life.

Best Narrative Feature: DELINQUENT by Kieran Valla

Best Documentary: FARMER/VETERAN by Alix Blair & Jeremy Lange

After three combat tours in Iraq, Alex Sutton attempts a fresh start hatching chickens and raising goats on 43 acres in rural North Carolina. Alex embraces life on the farm with his new love Jessica, but cycles between a state of heightened alert and ‘feeling zombified’ from a cocktail of prescriptions meant to stabilize his injured mind. When Jessica becomes pregnant, the dark past Alex has tried to escape–the loss of his first family, the war he was forced to leave–closes in on him. The farm becomes another battleground. Farmer/Veteran attempts to reconcile the identity of a perfect soldier with the reality of a haunted man determined to hold onto the best chance at peace he’s ever known.

Best Short Documentary: MORIOM by Mark Olexa & Francesca Scalisi

Best Narrative Short: DREAMLANDS by Sara Dunlop

Best Animation: AMÉLIA & DUARTE by Alice Guimarães & Mónica Santos

Best Experimental: TOMORROW AFTER YESTERDAY by Behzad Moloud

Best New Director: EMBERS by Claire Carre

Brooklyn Pride Award: LIFE OF SIGNIFICANT SOIL by Michael Irish

Spirit Awards

Feature Narrative: LAPACHHAPI by Vishal Furia

Lapachhapi is a haunting story of a young couple based in the heartland of India. The wife Neha (Pooja Sawant) is eight months pregnant when the couple seeks shelter in a house hidden inside a sugarcane field. But the fields are ridden with secrets of the past which start unraveling as the film unfolds, posing a threat to the mother and her unborn child. The film is the story of a mother fighting to save her baby from these spirits. Its unique blend of horror and social drama make this a thrilling as well as an emotional story, based on some horrifying facts of India – known as the land of snakes, ascetics and zealots.

Feature Documentary: DEPROGRAMMED by Mia Donovan

Deprogrammed is a feature-documentary about the rise of Ted ‘Black Lightning’ Patrick’s deprogramming technique and anti-cult crusade. Deprogramming, as a form of cult intervention, started in 1971 and quickly snowballed into a vast underground movement composed of concerned parents, ex-cultist-turned-deprogrammers and some sympathetic law-enforcers whose mission was to physically and mentally remove individuals from groups referred to as ‘cults’. Inspired by her stepbrother’s deprogramming by Patrick in 1991, Mia Donovan meets the infamous ‘Father of Deprogramming’ himself and begins to unravel his notorious legacy.

Short Documentary: OUSTAZ by Bentley Brown
Short Narrative: FATA MORGANA by Amelie Wen
Experimental: THE PUDDLE by Serdar Yilmaz
Animation: IN DEEP WATERS by Sarah Van Den Boom

Audience Awards

CREEDMORIA by Alicia Slimmer
CREEDMORIA by Alicia Slimmer

Feature Narrative: CREEDMORIA by Alicia Slimmer

Candy injects the “fun” in her dysfunctional life. When your brother is found by a neighbor naked and drunk, you’re stuck with a caveman of a boyfriend, you have a dickhead boss, and the madness of everyday life competes with your mother’s desperate need to appear normal, it takes everything inside of you to find hope. But maybe being normal is just a construct for other people. Maybe busting out of that everyday life is more important than fitting in. After years of trying to save everyone but herself, high-schooler Candy Cahill decides it’s her turn. Set against the backdrop of New York’s largest mental hospital in the 1980s, Creedmoria is the story of one girl’s dramatic getaway attempt. Family, after all, is an institution. Sometimes you gotta break out.

Feature Documentary: THE REBOUND by Shaina Allen

Miami is a city known for its sports and diversity. For the Miami Heat Wheels it is a city of opportunity, second chances, and a call to win – against all odds. The Rebound is a real account of the Heat Wheels’ quest during the year following defeat at the national championships. A story of unwavering resolve and a testament to our innate ability to overcome life’s toughest challenges, including those beyond what meets the eye. Like many other community-supported wheelchair basketball programs across the nation, the players push their way through each season – often unsure if they’ll have what it takes to make it to the next step. First time filmmakers Shaina Allen (Director) and Michael Esposito (Producer) step deep inside the lives of three players as they endure and respond to adversity. Friends, family, and pride hang in the balance as these men find an extraordinary gift in the hand life has dealt. They hope for an education, a big break, and a new life. The cameras don’t stop when the players leave the court: the film follows them through the trials of daily life with a disability. With each victory, the team gets closer to the idea that anything – even a shot at the national championship title – is possible.

Short Documentary: LAST SHIP by Daniele Ragusa
Short Narrative: OFF TRACK BETTY by Clayton Dean Smith
Experimental: FREEDOM-TO GO! by Ingrid Nachstern
Animation: BORROWED TIME by Lou Hamou-Lhadj & Andrew Coats

Certificates of Outstanding Achievement

Producer: Art Jones, Raphael Duvernay, Corentin Vinçon, Joe Foley for FORBIDDEN CUBA
Screenplay: Patrick Daly & Joel Fendelman for REMITTANCE
Cinematography: Mohammad Fakouri for HELMSMAN
Editing: Aaron Lidell for CROOKED & NARROW
Original Score: Altermutz for REVOLTOSO
Actor Female: Angela Barotia for REMITTANCE
Actor Male: Alex Shaffer for DELINQUENT

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