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Watch Exclusive Clip from the SOLE PROPRIETOR, where a former CIA contractor, who has faked his own death, forms an unlikely bond with a self-employed sex worker, while awaiting the arrival of his new identity.  She involves him in a deadly conspiracy that puts them both in the cross-hairs of a Russian pimp, corrupt police, and a Honduran drug cartel.

Written and directed by Dan Eberle and starring Alexandra Hellquist, Dan Eberle, Nick Bixby, Alexandra Chelaru, and Chris Graham, SOLE PROPRIETOR will be theatrically released on Friday, August 12, 2016 in Los Angeles and will be available digitally distributed by Indie Rights on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play the same day and date.

Sole Proprietor Poster

The sexy, mysterious neo-noir SOLE PROPRIETOR combines a dreamlike narrative with gritty realism, exploring themes of subjugation, loyalty, and the transcendence of love and sacrifice, in a world of cruel nihilism.

In a desolate, shabbily furnished loft apartment in Chinatown former CIA contractor Crowley arrives from the other side of the world. He has paid a large sum of money to purchase a new identity. He is ready to start over.

However, the Handler explains the terms and the deal has changed. In lieu of money, new credentials will be furnished upon the completion of a task, the parameters of which have yet to be determined or defined. No details, no timeline, no choice.

Days go by so Crowley finds Sophie, a prostitute on the internet. He goes to her and they have something unique. Something unusual, when they are together. Sophie knows she can get to him.

He is exactly the man she needs.Sophie needs a favor. Someone she cares about is in trouble, and she’s willing to risk everything to get her loose. The authorities are no good, because the authorities are the perpetrators.

Sophie knows how to get what she wants. Especially from simple men like Crowley.

SOLE PROPRIETOR is the story of a disparate group of people with no place in the world, struggling to take back their lives from the corrupt authorities that control them.

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