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The 46th Giffoni Film Festival is coming to an end, and crowned URBAN HYMN by Michael Caton-Jones, the winner of the GENERATOR +18 Best Film, Gryphon Award.

Set against the backdrop of the 2011 British summer riots, URBAN HYMN is a redemptive coming of age story set in South-West London and follows wayward teen, Jamie. Encouraged by inspiring and unconventional social worker Kate, to use singing as a release, Jamie’s loyalties soon become torn between Kate and her possessive and volatile best friend, Leanne.

REAL BOY by Shaleece Haas from the USA, won the GEX DOC Best Film, Gryphon Award. REAL BOY is the coming-of-age story of Bennett Wallace, a transgender teenager on a journey to find his voice as a musician, a friend, a son and a man. As he navigates the ups and downs of young adulthood, he works to gain the love and support of his mother, who has deep misgivings about her child’s transition. Along the way, Bennett forges a powerful friendship with his idol, Joe Stevens, a celebrated transgender musician with his own demons to fight.

105 films were featured in the 7 competitive sections: Elements +3 (3-5), Elements +6 (6-9), Elements +10 (10-12), Generator +13 (13-15), Generator +16 (16-17), Generator +18 (from 18 years onwards) and Gex Doc.


Best Film – Gryphon Award
URBAN HYMN by Michael Caton-Jones (UK)

Best Film – 2nd Classified
CHICKEN by Joe Stephenson (UK)

Best Short Film (animation) – Grifone Award
BLIND VAYSHA by Theodore Ushev (Canada)

Best Short Film (animation) – 2nd Classified
THE STEINWAY by Massimo Ottoni (Italy)

Best Short Film (fiction) – Gryphon Award
BEAUTIFUL by Alessandro Capitani (Italy)

Best Short Film (fiction) – 2nd Classifiedo
BALCONY by Toby Fell-holden (UK)

Amnesty International Award (shorts animation)
FENCES by Natalia Krawczuk (Poland)

Blasteem Award (shorts fiction)
BEAUTIFUL by Alessandro Capitani (Italy)


Best Film – Gryphon Award
REAL BOY by Shaleece Haas (USA)

Best Film – 2nd Classified
DREAMING OF DENMARK by Michael Graversen (Denmark)

Amnesty International Award
DREAMING OF DENMARK by Michael Graversen (Denmark)


Best Film – Gryphon Award
THE VIOLIN TEACHER by Sergio Machado (Brazil)

Best Film – 2nd Classified
MY NAME IS EMILY by Simon Fitzmaurice (Ireland)

“VITE CORAGGIOSE” – Bambino Gesù Hospital Award
(Il premio è stato assegnato dalla direzione artistica del GFF)
THE VIOLIN TEACHER by Sergio Machado (Brazil)

The violinist Laerte has prepared himself for many years to be a part of OSESP, Latin America’s most important symphonic orchestra. His humble family has great expectations for him. At the audition, his burden is too heavy and victim of a nervous hack, he can’t play. Without money and with no options, Laerte is forced to teach music in a public school in Heliopolis, the biggest and most violent slum of São Paulo. The instruments are precarious and the environment is hostile, but two boys stand out for their special talent: Samuel, who is determined and has discipline, and VR, a troublemaker who’s involved in a credit card forgery scheme. Laerte experiences himself the brutal reality but little by little he is able to gain the trust of the students and the community while he starts to give classes in a less conventional way. While teaching, Laerte starts to regain the pleasure of playing and to build a relationship with his students, especially with Samuel. When all seems to be going well, Laerte finds out about a new audition for OSESP and is torn between rehearsals and the classes. The choice isn’t easy. Laerte postpones for as long as he can, but decides to leave the school.


Best Film – Gryphon Award
FANNY’S JOURNEY by Lola Doillon (France/Belgium)

1943. Germany is occupying France. Fanny (13 y.o.) and her little sisters were sent by their parents to the OSE, a foster home for Jewish children. When the Nazis arrive on Italian territory, members of the OSE desperately organize the departure of the children to Switzerland. Fanny and her sisters are among those traveling to the border. These 11 children suddenly left on their own will do the impossible to reach the Swiss border in order to survive.

Best Film – 2nd Classified
FOG IN AUGUST by Kai Wessel (Germany)

Ernst is a 13 years old German boy who has beensent to a psychiatric hospital when he’s deemed unruly and insolent by Nazi officials. He unexpectedly finds friendship among the patients there, and for the first time in a long time, he feels like he belongs. However, he soon discovers that the hospital has a euthanasia program headed by Chief Dr. Veithausen. To help his newfound friends, Ernst hatches a plan to sabotage the hospital’s program and escape with his first love, Nandl. Ernst soon finds himself in great danger when the hospital administration starts to take notice of his actions…

CGS Award (Social-Cultural Cineclubs for Young People) “Percorsi Creativi 2016”
FOG IN AUGUST by Kai Wessel (Germany)


Miglior Film – Grifone Award
NELLY’S ADVENTURE by Dominik Wessely (Germany)

Miglior Film – 2o Classificato
TSATSIKI, DAD AND THE OLIVE WAR by Lisa James-Larsson (Sweden)

Miglior Cortometraggio – Grifone Award
ZOMBRIELLA by Benjamin Gutsche (Germany)

Miglior Cortometraggio – 2o Classificato
WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN by Katja Benrath (Germany)

Aluminium Gryphon CIAL Award (Aluminium Wrapping Consortium)
HANG IN THERE, KIDS! by Laha Mebow (Taiwan)


Best Film – Gryphon Award
THE WILD SOCCER BUNCH – THE LEGEND LIVES! by Joachim Masannek (Germany)

Best Film – 2nd Classified
ZIP & ZAP AND THE CATPAIN’S ISLAND by Oskar Santos (Spain)

Best Short Film – Gryphon Award
REAL STRENGHT by Svend Colding (Denmark)

Best Short Film – 2nd Classified
ALIKE by Daniel Martinez Lara, Rafa Cano Méndez (Spain)


Best Short Film – Gryphon Award
COCODRILE by Julia Ocker (Germany)

Giotto Super Bebè Award
SISSY’S DREAM by Fabrizio Gammardella (Italy)

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