Katie Couric
Katie Couric

Katie Couric and National Geographic Channel are joining forces on a two-hour documentary, Gender Revolution (w.t.), an in-depth and unflinching look at the role of genetics, brain chemistry and modern culture on gender fluidity.

Gender Revolution (w.t.) will premiere on the National Geographic Channel globally in 171 countries and 45 languages, timed to the January 2017 Gender issue of National Geographic Magazine.

“It seems that every day, there’s a new story and a new vocabulary around gender that’s challenging our long-held attitudes and preconceptions about what makes us who we are,” said Couric. “Gender Revolution (w.t.) will go beyond the headlines to examine the why, the how and what it all means, with intimate stories of the people who are at the forefront of this new frontier. We’ll also explore how it’s impacting almost every aspect of our lives, from bathrooms to boardrooms, and from colleges to competitive sports. Think of it this way: this will be everything you wanted to know about gender but were afraid to ask.”

Gender Revolution (w.t.) will explore the complexities of gender in everyday life, from the moment we are born through our twilight years. The film will examine how gender has been viewed across centuries by ancient civilizations, and the surprisingly different approaches to gender around the world today. It will dive into the debates, from the deeply personal – at what age do we first come to terms with our gender? – to the very public, including what’s fair when it comes to intersex athletes at the Olympics, and the new battlefront: public restrooms. It will shed light on the countless untold stories of struggle, understanding, ignorance, hurt and love.

The January 2017 Gender issue of National Geographic Magazine will have features that look at gender from different perspectives. The magazine will examine the differences along the spectrum of gender, looking both at what determines sex and how gender is perceived to an individual and his or her culture. In addition, New York writer Chip Brown will look at what masculinity and the transition between boyhood and manhood means today through his 15-year-old son’s experiences as it relates to coming-of-age rituals in traditional cultures that often define manhood in terms of physical tests or devotion to religion. And conversely, writer Alexandra Fuller will look at what her adult daughter’s experience can teach her and her younger teenage sister about peer pressure and other pitfalls of growing up in today’s world. Lastly, the magazine will look at how girls in places where the culture is often very harsh to them, such as genital mutilation and denial of rights, are overcoming the odds and reaching new heights.

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