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DESTINY by Zhang Wei
DESTINY by Zhang Wei

Destiny written and directed by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Wei (his previous film Factory Boss got the award of Best Actor at the MWFF in 2014) will be presented at the 40th Montreal World Film Festival in the special Chinese festival section. Destiny stars LIANG Jingke (Mount Dingjun, Kill Zone, New Shaolin Temple), FENG Jun (Love Lifting, Drug War) and ZHAO Ju (Mao Zedong and Snow, Born in a Lighthouse Family).

Autism is a condition not well understood by many in China. DESTINY tells the story of 9-year-old Xi He who although has been diagnosed as autistic, attends a “normal” school at the continuous insistence of his mother. Despite the growing fear of his classmates and their parents over his condition and his occasional outbursts, and the insistence of the parents that the school administrators expel Xi He and send him to a special education institute, still his mother refuses and for the 4th time he is allowed to remain and study with his classmates… until things go too far. Eventually we learn why she insists that Xi He should be brought up as a normal child as much as possible and we witness the power of a mother’s love in full force in this thought-provoking and touching film.

A ShenZhen HuaHao Film & Media Co., Ltd. production, Destiny is written and directed by Zhang Wei.

Zhang Wei
Zhang Wei

Born in Hunan Province in 1965, Zhang Wei is a business entrepreneur with a track record of more than 20 years of substantial success in that field. However there was always a very creative side to his nature, and so driven by a desire to make a strong impact in film, Zhang Wei studied Directing at the Beijing Film Academy as well as Cinema Studies at the Chinese National Academy of Arts.

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