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Abbas Kiarostami

The late film-director Abbas Kiarostami, who passed away July 4th at age 76, will be posthumously awarded The Asian Filmmaker of the Year at the 21st Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). The Asian Filmmaker of the Year Award is awarded to Asian cineastes or organizations that have shown the most outstanding contribution to developing the Asian film industry and culture.

The late Mr. Kiarostami was one of the most influential directors in the world and debuted as a filmmaker with his short film, The Bread and Alley (1970). Pursuing innovative film aesthetics into the early 21st century, he was invited to the 2nd Busan International Film Festival with his work, The Taste of Cherry (1997). Developing a continuous friendship with BIFF, he participated in the festival as the head of the New Currents jurors in 2005 and as Dean of Asian Film Academy (AFA) in BIFF 2010. Showing his special support and affection towards Asian film students, the late director Abbas Kiarostami also participated in a workshop, “Kiarostami’s Film School”, held by the Busan Cinema Center in 2012.

Honoring his monumental achievements in cinema, the BIFF 2016 has decided to award the late Abbas Kiarostami, The Asian Filmmaker of the Year Award. The award will be given to Ahmad Kiarostami (a son of the director) during the opening ceremony of BIFF 2016.

Busan International Film Festival 2016 will introduce his major works by screening nine films he directed. Additionally, a special forum will be held during BIFF 2016. An in-depth discourse about the late Kiarostami’s cinematic world will also be held during the “Asian Writer Research Forum” hosted by BIFF and Pusan National University’s film institute.

Abbas KIAROSTAMI (1940-2016)ㅣDirectorㅣIran

Born in 1940 in Tehran, Iran, Abbas Kiarostami majored in Art at university and worked in visual graphics, including title design and film advertising. He made his first short film, The Bread and Alley (1970) and in 1974, he made his first feature film The Traveller (1974). In 1997, he was awarded the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival and became a world renowned filmmaker.

He passed away July 4th 2016. His legacy will include 3 year dedication to his posthumous film, 24 Frames. Abbas Kiarostami is also famous for his work, Where Is The Friend’s Home? (1987), Close Up (1990), And Life Goes On… (1991), The Wind Will Carry Us (1999), Shirin (2008), Certified Copy (2010) and Like Someone in Love (2012).

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