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Career Opportunities in Organized Crime
Career Opportunities in Organized Crime

Here is a cool exclusive clip from Alex Oshmyansky’s Career Opportunities in Organized Crime, ‘the first ever virtual reality feature length film to be released’. The film will be released on Wednesday, August 31st on Reelhouse on iOS, Android, and desktop.

The film, by first-time filmmaker Alex Oshmyansky and Akibimi Productions, LLC, is a “mocku-mentary” that follows the filming of a recruitment video for the Russian mafia.

According to Oshmyansky, “The film is a an experiment to see what kind of experience a feature-length virtual reality film would be. I’m obviously biased, but I think it turned out great. The film is a whole new kind of cinematic experience that hasn’t existed before.”

Director Alex Oshmyansky is a lifelong film nut and technology entrepreneur. Alex graduated college at the age of 18 and went on to earn a PhD in mathematics from Oxford and a medical degree at Duke, then completing residency training at Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins. He was the founding CEO of Altitude Medical, Inc., a medical device company that focuses on the development of products to prevent hospital acquired infections. “Career Opportunities in Organized Crime” is Alex’s first feature film and was a lifelong dream in the making.

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