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OUR TIME IS NOW (UNSERE ZEIT IST JETZT) starring German rapper CRO will have a Gala Premiere Screening on October 1 at the Zurich Film Festival. Director Martin Schreier, producer Sebastian Fruner, screenwriter Arend Remmers and the leading actors David Schütter, Basel-born Marc Benjamin and German rapper CRO will all be in Zurich to present their romantic comedy.

In an open competition, the successful German rapper CRO asked fans and professionals to send in ideas for a CRO film. The film team was impressed by three completely different concepts. This trio of budding filmmakers didn’t just get valuable lessons in the art of filmmaking while preparing the production; they also got to know each other.

The shy Asperger’s sufferer Vanessa (Peri Baumeister) suddenly finds herself surrounded by men: CRO himself learns to appreciate Vanessa’s creative professionalism, while the daydreaming screenwriter Dawid (David Schütter) and frustrated comic illustrator Ludwig (Marc Benjamin) fall head over heels in love with her. The result of this fateful encounter is a film in itself – a heady, multifaceted blend of styles which has a long-lasting impact on the life’s of all those involved in the unforgettable shooting of this film.

Til Schweiger, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Tim Wilde, Sahin Erylmaz, Bjarne Mädel, Jeanette Hain, Samuel Finzi and Howard Carpendale can also be seen in various roles. UNSERE ZEIT IST JETZT is a co-production between Mr. Brown Entertainment, Chimperator Films, Barefoot Films and Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany.

UNSERE ZEIT IST JETZT is released in German-speaking cinemas by Warner Bros. Entertainment Switzerland GmbH on October 6.

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