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The Bespoke Tailoring of Mr. Bellamy
The Bespoke Tailoring of Mr. Bellamy

Awards were presented to filmmakers at the 2016 Breckenridge Film Festival on Saturday, with the moving short drama, ‘The Bespoke Tailoring of Mr. Bellamy,’ walking away with four awards including Best Short Drama, Best Director in a Short Drama, and Best Sound Editing. “

“There’s not a lot of dialogue in the film so we really depended on Beso [Kacharava] to bring his a-game, and he did with this one,” said Paul Petersen, a writer, producer, and production designer on the film.

Paul Kowalski was proud to accept the award for both Best Student Film and Best Editing for his film ‘Breathe’. “It is such a treat to come to a festival like this as a student filmmaker, so thank you,” Kowalski said.

‘Guys Reading Poems’ took home the award for Creativity in Drama. This was the second win for the film after receiving the audience award for Best Feature Drama at the Woods Hole Film Festival. Upon accepting the award, director Hunter Lee Hughes said, “A neo-noir film is kind of an old choice when you program a festival and we’re so thankful to have been selected for Breckenridge. We really appreciate the recognition of our craft.”

Below is a complete list of award recipients from the 2016 Breckenridge Film Festival:

Best Director
Lance Tracy, Relentless

Best Director, Short Drama
Alexander Jeffrey, The Bespoke Tailoring of Mr. Bellamy

Best Drama
Relentless, Director: Lance Tracy

Best Short Drama
The Bespoke Tailoring of Mr. Bellamy, Director: Alexander Jeffery

Best Short Comedy
Chocolate Cake, Director: Benjamin Shweky

Best Documentary & Best Music
Nathan East: For the Record, Director: Chris Gero

Best Adventure & Best Cinematography
Chasing Niagara, Director: Rush Sturges

Best Animated
Hum, Director: Tom Teller

Best Spiritual
Birthday, Director: Chris King

Best Student Film
Breathe, Director: Paul Kowalski

Best Editing
Spencer Koobatian, Breathe

Best Actor
Douglas Smith, Evan’s Crime

Best Actor, Short Drama
Stan Brown, The Bespoke Tailoring of Mr. Bellamy

Best Actress
Mandy Levin, Everything

Best Supporting Actor
David Arquette, Evan’s Crime

Best Ensemble Cast, Short Drama
Andrew Fox, Gabe white, Luke Darga, Holden Goyette; Snake Bite

Best Screenplay
The Untold Story, Directors: Lee Stanley, Shane Stanley

Best Sound
The Bespoke Tailoring of Mr. Bellamy, Director: Alexander Jeffrey

Creativity in Drama
Guys Reading Poems, Director: Hunter Lee Hughes

Creativity in Lighting Design
Darklight, Director: Mike Brown

Creativity in Narration & Poetry
Muir Song, Director: Janssen Powers

Audience Award
First Place – Borrowed Time
Second Place – The Weekend Sailor
Third Place – GODSPEED: The Race Across America

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