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American Pastoral

American Pastoral will be the first event of the 11th Rome Film Fest, and will be presented ten days before the opening of the fest, on Monday October 3rd, at the Cinema Barberini movie theatre in Rome.

Ewan McGregor directs and stars in American Pastoral, at his debut as a filmmaker after working with masters such as George Lucas (in the “Star Wars” saga), Tim Burton (Big Fish), Woody Allen (Cassandra’s Dream), and Roman Polanski (The Ghost Writer). The Scottish actor will be in Rome to present the film with his co-star Jennifer Connelly, winner of an academy Award for A Beautiful Mind. American Pastoral is adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Philip Roth.


Directed and acted by Ewan McGregor, United States, 2016, 126′
Cast: Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Connelly, Dakota Fanning
Adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Philip Roth, American Pastoral is the story of Seymour Levov, known as “the Swede”, a man who has had everything from life: looks, career, money, marriage to a former Miss New Jersey and a long-desired baby girl. His world slowly falls apart when his daughter, now a teenager, commits a terrorist act in which someone is killed. How could such a tragedy ever have befallen the Swede, the person whose entire life has been an incarnation of the American Dream? Where did he go wrong?

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