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Busan International Film Festival

Three prominent Korean film critics are jury members for the Vision-Director Award given to the top 2 promising directors in the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section at the 21st Busan International Film Festival.

This year’s Vision section introduces newly produced independent films. A total of 11 films have been selected this year. These films will be nominated for the Vision-Director Award, Daemyung Culture Wave Award, Citizen Critics’ Award, CGV Arthouse Award, and NETPAC Award. The Vision-Director Award is given to 2 directors who have shown the most outstanding production skills, a prize of 5,000 USD will be given as a part of the award. The prize money is sponsored by MEGABOX, Inc. and the awarding ceremony will take place in the Busan Vision Award event on October 14, the day before the Closing Ceremony.

Juror Bio

JUNG Sung-il / Film Critic, Director

Jung Sung-il is a film critic and director. He became an unequaled film critic while serving as senior editor at Road Show and chief editor at Kino, which are both film magazines. Marking his directorial debut with Café Noir (2009), Jung Sung-il was invited to the New Currents Section at the Busan International Film Festival 2015 with his second film Night and Fog in Zona (2015). He is the author of Someday the World Will Become a Movie and Desperate Reading.

HUH Moonyung / Film Critic

Huh Moonyung is well known for his critiques that maintain a deep contemplation and elegant style. Serving as the reporter for Monthly Joongang, the chief editor of CINE21, and Busan international Film Festival programmer, he has also been working as the Busan Cinema Center program director.

KIM Haery / Film Critic

KIM Haery has written many critiques that gain audience sympathy by working as an established journalist at the CINE21. She is now a part of the editing committee of the CINE21. She has also published numbers of film-related books as a writer.

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