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Cold of Kalandar (Kalandar Soğuğu)
Cold of Kalandar (Kalandar Soğuğu)

Cold of Kalandar (Kalandar Soğuğu) directed by Mustafa Kara will be Turkey’s submission for 89th Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

The film, starring Haydar Şişman, Nuray Yeşilaraz, Hanife Kara and İbrahim Kuvvet, premiered at the 2015 Tokyo Film Festival where it won Best Director Award. Cold of Kalandar also won many other awards, including the Special Jury Award at Premier Plans D’angers in France and the award for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Music and Special Jury Awards at the Antalya Film Festival, followed by Best Director, Best Actor, Best Cinematographer and Best Fiction awards at the Istanbul Film Festival, and Best Director at the Red Tulip Film Festival in the Netherlands.

Mehmet is a man living with his family in a mountain village in the Black Sea region. He earns for his life breeding a few animals, while passionately looking for a mineral reserve on the mountains, but his pursuit is seen useless by his family. Devastated by vain efforts, his hope is renewed with a competition. Mehmet will attend the bull fight held in Artvin, but he returns from Artvin completely lost, once again. This simple story pictures the naive portrait of a touching life, a life struggle in hardship and the relationship between nature, animals and human beings.

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