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Tom of Finland
Tom of Finland

The official teaser trailer was released last month for the Tom of Finland movie by Dome Karukoski. A story of Touko Laaksonen, the provocative gay artist known as Tom of Finland.

Tom Of Finland recently split the Best Pitch prize at this year’s 2016 Finnish Film Affair with the documentary Post Punk Disorder, co-directors Jukka Kärkkäinen and J-P Passi’s sequel to their 2012 SXSW audience award winner The Punk Syndrome.

“An artist with forbidden sexuality becomes an international gay icon”

Until the year 1971 being gay in Finland could land you in jail for years. Thousands of gays were arrested in police raids and had their names published in the papers. Many couldn’t live with the shame and committed suicide.

There was a boy born in 1920. During his childhood, he secretly draws pictures of naked men and sleeps wearing only leather boots. As a young man, he serves in the war as an officer and has sex with his fellow soldiers, Finnish and German alike.

In the 1950’s he lives a double life. By day, he is a talented advertising artist and a pianist, by night, a genius creator of erotic drawings.

We remember the drawings that set a whole generation of men free. We recognize his style from leather, huge muscles and humour. We know who Tom of Finland is. Now it’s time to meet Touko Laaksonen.

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