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Cadence by Alex Lasheras
Cadence by Alex Lasheras

Alex Lasheras’s Cadence was voted winner of the #mustseebc award at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), given to the most anticipated British Columbia produced film at the festival.

Cadence is the debut feature from Alex Lasheras and is a unique psychological thriller dealing with notions of self-identity and reality. The title character’s fragmented psyche is chronicled in a double narrative which navigates between the real and the imaginary, truth and fiction. When the plot changes course, viewers are presented with questions about the nature of identity. Is it nothing more than a collection of experiences? What happens to it if one’s memory is damaged? Crowdfunded and shot on location in Langley, this is a thoroughly entertaining and remarkably tense rumination on memory, trauma, and the psyche’s efforts to protect itself.

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