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Living With Giants
Living With Giants

The award-winning documentary Living With Giants (Chez les géants) by Leroux-Lévesque Aude and Sébastien Rist will be presented as part of the Montreal International Documentary Festival taking place November 10 to 20, 2016.

Living With Giants plunges into the imagination of Paulusie, a young Inuit facing the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood. His thoughts, his dreams and beliefs offer a privileged glimpse into his privacy, where live fantastic and harsh realities legends. The film follows Paulusie as he tries to find hope in a world thought of growing complexity. Paulusie is a caring son to his sick father and a good boyfriend to his girlfriend Nikuusi. But the story of the naive and charismatic teenager quickly turns into battle of a young man struggling with the guilt of having committed a serious error. Among the giants is a poetic adventure and a testament to resilience that echoes the issues that go far beyond the personal history of Paulusie.

“This project has become more than a movie. It carries a weight and a social responsibility. Although some may think that the topics covered in our film are sensitive or controversial in light of the historical report of the National Truth and Reconciliation Commission, we believe that our film is needed. Intimate stories, like Paulusie, help us to better understand the beauty, the subtleties and complexities of life for Aboriginal youth of today. “Said Leroux-Lévesque Aude and Sébastien Rist.

Produced by Jean-Simon Chartier (At the top of the ramp, Hallelujah, The Price of words, the new Rupert) to MC2 Media Communication, Among Giants is written and directed by Aude Leroux-Lévesque and Sébastien Rist (At the foot of the wall, view from Above) who also secured the shooting and the sound of the film. René Roberge made the mount, Gael Fish Lemay, sound design, Jean-Pierre Bissonnette, mixing and music is by Jonathan Rist, Anthony Baird, Andrea Vial, Warren Spicer and Jon Hopkins.

The film was presented at the Hot Docs, 2016 (Toronto) where it received the award for Best Emerging Canadian filmmakers. Recently, it was at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) where the film won the Best Canadian Documentary. The film was also selected for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

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