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The Knife In The Clear Water / WANG Xuebo
The Knife In The Clear Water / WANG Xuebo

After screening 299 films from 69 countries, the 21st Busan International Film Festival wrapped with its award ceremony. Among the winners, The Knife In The Clear Water directed by WANG Xuebo, and The Donor directed by ZANG Qiwu won the New Currents Award.

The 21st Busan International Film Festival Award Winners

New Currents Award
Winner: The Knife In The Clear Water / WANG Xuebo (China)
The extremely photogenic environment of the Hui steppe serves as a backdrop to a poetic parable on grief and freedom that plays on the wind-sculpted faces of the protagonists as they relate to ever-pending death through a simple but harsh life of rituals.

Winner: The Donor / ZANG Qiwu (China)
With a serene maturity the filmmaker creates a portrait of humanity and sacrifice that is restraint yet boiling with underlying emotion. The excellently scripted film plays as much on the images as on the immaculate timing and superb acting. The conclusion is heartbreaking: when you fight destiny you will lose.

Special Mention: Parting / Navid MAHMOUDI (Afghanistan)
The jury would like to give a Special Mention to the director Navid Mahmoudi of “Parting”, to recognize his courage of realizing as an Afghani Irani Filmmaker his debut film about Afghani refugees in Iran.

BIFF Mecenat Award
Winner (Korean): Neighborhood / SUNG Seungtaek (Korean)
Neighborhood drives us in a way of tenderness with curiosity to discover a world remain hidden with prejudice and fear. The director offers the motion that there is no better solution to overcome the unknown fear than bravely go over the fence.

Winner (Asia): The Crescent Rising / Sheron DAYOC (Philippines)
Addressing the on-going conflict in the Philippines society, ‘The Crescent Rising’ sends out a message of human dignity and equality. With remarkable use of archive footage and new materials, the director conveys the powerful story of human endurance.

Sonje Award
Winner (Korea): Viewer / KIM Soyoun (Korea)
19 minutes for showing excellence in unraveling both a grippingly complex and always surprising narrative, which also mirror the personal situation of the young author herself.

Winner (Asia): Off-Season / Yelzat ESKENDIR (Kazakhstan)
Fragile, soulful, honest, touching, and complex as well. This author shows an original approach in dealing unique issues set in a remote country.

Special Mention: The Doomed Way / GUO Sanpi (China)
For a surprisingly accomplished work whose creator, in our opinion, has a great future ahead.

Actor and Actress of the Year Awards

Actor of the Year: Jane / GU Gyohwan (Korea)

Actress of the Year: Jane / LEE Minji (Korea)

KNN Award
Winner: In Between Seasons / LEE Dong-eun (Korea)

Busan Bank Award
Winner: Night of a 1000 Hours / Virgil WIDRICH (Germany)

Citizen Critics’ Award
Winner: Jamsil / LEE Wanmin (Korea)
Jamsil illustrates a consideration for modern times and seeks a way of solidarity between individuals with a creative composition, showing great potential.

Vision Director Award
Winner 1: Autumn, Autumn / JANG Woojin (Korea)
This year’s jury determined the following two films as the winner of this year’s Vision Award. There is coexistence between artificial composition and the natural liveliness in the film, Autumn, Autumn. Such coexistence was possible because of the characters, the scenery, and the understanding of the distance between the elements and the camera that gazes into the varied components. We anticipate director Jang Woojin’s continuous development in his cinematic mystery that creates tension among audiences throughout the film.

Winner 2: Hyeon’s Quartet / AHN Seonkyoung (Korea)
Director Ahn Seonkyung’s Hyeon’s Quartet is a film where the director’s profound observation towards the object brings the dialogue and action flow to life. We were able to see the reason why humans act and why acting is one of the ways to love life.

Daemyung Culture Wave Award
Winner: Yongsoon / SHIN Joon (Korea)
The film skillfully features the emotions of an adolescent girl who finds immature love and consequently grows up because of it.

CGV Art House Award
Winner: Jane / CHO Hyunhoon (Korea)
Jane ingeniously depicts a story of a runaway girl’s experience with tender comfort and embittered violence in an alternative family. Director Cho Hyunhoon, presents a direction going back and forth between a dream and reality. The director Cho’s such characterful direction and the young performers Lee Min-ji, Gu Gyohwan, and Lee Juyoung’s outstanding actions enable us to anticipate the future of Korean cinema’s with excitement. The film leaves us with afterimages that are unlikely to be forgotten; we award the CGV Art-house Award with the hope that such a film will be introduced to more audiences.

Busan Cinephile Award
Winner: The Apology / Tiffany HSIUNG (Canada)
This film strives to bring dignity to the introduction of the international human rights issue of wartime “Comfort Women” through the voices of 3 elderly women from the Philippines, China, and Korea who exist in the boundaries of history.

NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) Award
Winner: Merry Christmas Mr. Mo / LIM Dae Hyung (Korea)
Promising new director Lim Dae Hyung, ingeniously harmonizes classical silent film with intense acting, delightful humor, gloominess in loneliness, and captivating love. The jury especially highly acclaims the director’s minimalistic approach towards independent film production and the serious crisis of the emotional connections within a family.

FIPRESCI (Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique) Award
Winner: White Ant / CHU Hsien-Che (Taiwan)
This year’s Busan International Film Festival’s FIPRESCI Award Jury decided that the award must be handed to a film with creativity and a bold visual style that enables audiences to immerse into a characters’ psychology and feel the hurt at a more profound level.

Asian Filmmaker of the Year Award
Winner: Abbas Kiarostami (Director / Iran)

Korean Cinema Award
Winner: Laurence HERSZBERG (Director general of Forum des Images / France)

Asian Project Market (APM) Award Winners
Busan Award: Love and Vengeance by Edwin (Indonesia)
Bright East Films Award: The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine by ZEZE Takahisa (Japan)
CJ Entertainment Award: White Building by NEANG Kavich (Cambodia, France)
LOTTE Award: Undefined / SEO Eunyoung (Korea)
KOCCA Award: The French Woman / KIM Hee-Jung (Korea)
ARTE International Prize: White Building / NEANG Kavich (Cambodia, France)
MONEFF Award: The Cold-blooded Penguin / JANG Kunjae (Korea)

E-IP Market 2016 Award Winners [Title by author / Publisher or Production company]
NEW CREATOR Award (Book To Film): The Lawyer who sues Chosun Dynasty by CHUNG Myung Seob / EunHaeng Namu Publishing Co.
NEW CREATOR Award (E-IP Pitching): Sprinter: Underworld by AN Jongjun / All That Story

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