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The Oscar® qualifying Chicago International Children’s Film Festival’s final weekend, November 5 to 6, will feature groundbreaking and thought-provoking new films for ages 2-18.  Highlights include North American feature film premieres of KAI (KOREA), Long Way North (France/Denmark), Louis & Luca – The Big Cheese Race (Norway), HELP! I Shrunk My Teacher, 20 Oscar®-qualifying short film programs, and 7 workshops including PitchPerfect featuring Sesame Workshop’s Kimberly Wright.

The Festival will culminate with the Closing Night Celebration, which will include the announcement of the 2016 award winners, a special program of the Best of the Fest short films, and the world premiere of the Facets original film Boo Bash The Movie. As an Oscar®-qualifying festival, CICFF jury winners qualify for consideration for the 2017 Academy Awards® in the Live Action and Animated Short Film categories.


HELP, I SHRUNK MY TEACHER! – US Premiere, Live-action, Germany, Sven Unterwaldt, German, with English subtitles
Doctor Schmill-Gössenwein is easily the meanest teacher ever at 11 year-old Felix’s new school, and she’s the school principal too! Felix is the new kid at an established private school, and just when he needs to be on top of his game, he accidentally shrinks Doctor Schmill-Gössenwein – to six inches! The duo is now in a real pickle. Joined by clever and fearless Emma, the oddball group sets themselves against both the school bully and the devious School Inspector, who’s connived to take the principal’s place. The group comes up with a series of riddles and ruses to right-size the school, and the principal, to boot. The clock is ticking …. Recommended ages: 9+

KAI – North American Premiere, Animation, South Korea, Sung-Gang Lee, Korean, with English subtitles
In the grasslands of Central Asia, live young Kai, his sister, Shamui and their mother. Separated from his sister by an avalanche, brave and resourceful Kai takes it upon himself to save his peaceful village from a spell caste by the evil Snow Queen, Hattan. Little does he know, the Snow Queen has manipulated Shamui to do her bidding. Exceeding the expectations of the villagers, Kai sets out to save his home from its icy fate. With the help of the kind River Spirit, Kai will train, persevere, and prove his bravery. But time is not on his side! Recommended ages: 10+

LONG WAY NORTH – North American Premiere, Animation, France/Denmark, Rémi Chayé; In English
Long Way North paints an enchanting portrait of faraway worlds in expansive swaths of pastel. Though she is being groomed for proper Russian aristocracy, Sasha would much rather embark on adventures than attend fancy galas. When her grandfather disappears on his quest to conquer the North Pole, he becomes the laughingstock of St. Petersburg, and Sasha makes it her mission to restore the family legacy. Setting out on her own into uncharted waters, she joins a group of sailors as chilly as the icebergs that surround them. Together they face treacherous terrain and harsh conditions in order to find what’s been lost at sea. With unwavering courage and devotion, Sasha honors the path of those that came before her without losing the will to forge her own. Recommended ages: 7+

LOUIS & LUCA – THE BIG CHEESE RACE – North American Premiere, Animation, Norway, Rasmus Sivertsen, English
The spirited team of bunglers is back in this lovingly crafted stop motion animation feature film! Magpie and Hedgehog reunite, this time representing their town in the high-stakes Cheese Race. After a brief 68 years hiatus, the village-vs-village cheese race is back, thanks to the civic initiative of the village council. After Louis is tempted to enter the competition under harsh terms, he must prove to be resilience. With the kind help of their human, Elfie, it is game on – ready, steady, go! Featuring the voice of Hugh Bonneville (“Downton Abbey”). Recommended ages: 6+


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