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Mahmoud Abdel Aziz
Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

The Cairo International Film Festival has issued a statement in response to the death of Egyptian movie and television actor Mahmoud Abdel Aziz who died on Saturday after a long struggle with an illness. He was 70.

Cairo International Film Festival administration mourns with deep sorrow and grief the great artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, who passed away after a long struggle with an illness. He leaves behind him a great legacy of memorable roles and works that have made him reach fame and be always remembered proudly by his fans and film lovers in general.

Magda Wassef, President of the Festival, and the whole team, address their sincere condolences to the beloved artist’s family, the Egyptian people, and the whole Arab nation. The Festival administration also announced that the 38th edition of the Festival, to take place from November 15th to 24th, will be dedicated to the name and spirit of the star.

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz began his career in the early 70’s in participating in the TV show Al Dawmah, and the feature film Al Hafeed. His talent quickly drew attention of directors and producers, and he started playing in several movies, sometimes appearing in 3 movies in the same year.

He really encountered great success with his role in the film The Shame (1982), followed by many others, such as Official Counterfeit, The Wife Gets The Flat, The Pleasure, The Run of The Beasts. The turning point in his career was his participation in the 3 movies The Gentlemen, Fish, Milk, Tamarind, and Ladies and Lasses by Rafaat El Mehi. But his most prominent role in his entire career is certainly his character from El Kit Kat (1992), a film by Daoud Abdel Sayed.

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