Peter Triest wins Mediafonds Documentary Award 2016 at IDFA for his film Parked Lives
Peter Triest wins Mediafonds Documentary Award 2016 at IDFA for his film Parked Lives

At the opening of the 2016 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the Mediafonds Documentary Award 2016 was presented to Peter Triest for his his film Parked Lives.

In Parked Lives, Peter Triest portraits one of the more than two million Eastern European truck drivers who spend 46 week of the year criss-crossing Southern and Western Europe. The layered plan makes it clear at different levels how this displaced man is an anonymous but essential link in the way our society is kept working.

The jury said of the winning film plan: “After extensive deliberations, the jury chose the film plan in which the maker’s filmic vision of the subject came across the strongest. The maker zooms in and out, with a sharp eye for significant details and the bigger underlying picture. In so doing, he allows us to get to know a world which, although close to us, is completely unknown to most people. It is the portrait of a man, and through him of Europe today.” The jury was made up of Bregtje van der Haak, Sal Kroonenberg, Kaweh Modiri, Patrick Schonewille and Suzanne van Voorst.

Peter Triest (1973) is a filmmaker, historian and copywriter. Having studied at RITCS, the film academy in Brussels, he switched to history, specializing in the Late Modern Period. His debut film Out of the Desert (2016) is a portrait of American cult musician Howe Gelb. In 2011 he won the award for best government campaign of the year as a communication advisor.

The award, a sum of € 125,000, is made available each year by the Mediafonds, intended for the realization of the best film plan from the IDFA-Mediafonds Workshop, a cooperation between IDFA and the Mediafonds. This edition, in which five documentary makers took part, was led by filmmakers Catherine van Campen and Petra Lataster-Czisch.

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