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Samuel L. Jackson at the 2016 Dubai International Film Festival

Samuel L. Jackson took a captive audience through his cinematic life and times during an ‘In Conversation’ session at the 2016 Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF).

After being the honored recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award during Opening Night of the 13th Festival alongside acting great Rekha and renowned composer Gabriel Yared, Jackson sat with engrossed fans during an hour-long in-depth Q+A hosted by DIFF’s director of the Cinema of the World programe Nashen Moodley on the third day of DIFF.

In his remarks as published by The Wrap, Jackson took aim at the politics of Oscar season, and what he referred to as ‘Oscar bait’ films.

“The politics of what happens during this time of year is very interesting in Hollywood,” he said. “The movies they choose to say are amazing and great, you know — ‘Manchester by the Sea,’ oh my god, you must see it, it’s an amazing film!’ But, ehh, I guess it is — to somebody.”

“It’s not an inclusive film, you know what I mean?” Jackson continued. “And I’m sure that ‘Moonlight’ will be thought of the same way. They’ll say, ‘Well, that’s a black movie. Where are the white people?’ We’ll say the same thing about ‘Manchester by the Sea.’”

“There are all these ‘Oscar bait’ movies. I was looking at the trailer for this Will Smith movie the other day and I’m like, really? It’s another one of those, ‘Oh my God, life is so wonderful, take time to sniff the roses.’”

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