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Los Bomberos (The Little Firemen)
Los Bomberos (The Little Firemen)

The Peruvian Documentary, Los Bomberos (The Little Firemen) that premiered at the 2015 Napa Valley Film Festival has teamed with Amazon to bring the film to audiences across the world.

Los Bomberos (The Little Firemen) follows young boys between the ages of 8 and 28 who leave their families for months at a time to work as mechanics and life savers for stranded truckers along a treacherous stretch of road deep in the Andes Mountains between Huànuco and Tingo Maria. They can skillfully deconstruct and reassemble the old engines in these shipping trucks all while trying to evade the Shining Path; a violent terrorist organization that still haunts the region, despite what local politicians may say.

Directed by Key West local Quincy Perkins, Los Bomberos (The Little Firemen) was released in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Peru and the United States during the final days of 2016. With help from the Key West Film Festival, the documentary has found a home with Amazon and will release in several other countries in early 2017 including France, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, and Spain.

“After nearly five years, we are thrilled to share our passion project with the world,” says Director Quincy Perkins. “I hope that the story of these little firemen will not only resonate in their home country of Peru but throughout the world where there are parallel stories of struggle and strength.”

After raising vital funds via Kickstarter in early 2012, 125 supporters enabled Director, Quincy Perkins and Producers, Anne O’Shea and Brian Quattrini to spend several weeks shooting in the dangerous forested areas in the Andes Mountains of Peru to capture the story behind these “little firemen” and the atrocities that currently plague their country.

Throughout the past year, Los Bomberos (The Little Firemen) has been showcased at film festivals across the world including the Key West Film Festival, the Athens International Film + Video Festival, the Silver Springs International Film Festival, the Festival de Cine de Lima and the Lisbon International Film Festival where it received an award for Best Documentary Feature.

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